Feeling Burned Out? Take Our 30 Day Self Care Challenge

Self-care has become a buzzword in the mental health space over the past several years, particularly as emotional and physical burnout has become so prevalent and more openly discussed. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression rose 25% in the first year … Read more

100 Squats A Day Challenge: Here’s What To Expect In A Month

Particularly since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in which the stay-at-home orders had people around the world needing to shift their exercise routines to at-home workouts, fitness challenges have exploded in popularity. You can find all types of fitness challenges these days, many of which rapidly spread through shareable social media memes, images, … Read more

30 Day Walking Challenge For Beginners

Do you want to start exercising consistently, or do you long to get back into shape after being relatively sedentary for quite some time? A 30 day walking challenge for beginners is a safe, approachable way to start exercising, even if you’re feeling winded walking up a flight of stairs or haven’t worked out regularly … Read more

30 Day Challenges – 11 Fitness Ideas To Motivate You To Push Your Limits!

Almost everyone has phases where the motivation to exercise is sorely lacking. Even if you are generally a very enthusiastic and dedicated runner, you might have periods where either the allure of running isn’t what it normally is and it’s hard to get yourself out the door, or you may struggle to get yourself to … Read more

30 Day Ab Challenge For Women and Men!

You’re certainly not alone if you look in the mirror (or try not to!) and wish your stomach looked more toned and your abs were more defined. And while aesthetics are certainly a perk, the benefits of strengthening your abs go well beyond matters of vanity. The abs—which include the rectus abdominis, internal and external … Read more

30 Day Sit-Up Challenge For Beginners

Certain aspects of fitness are polarizing for one reason or another. For example, running is one of those sports that people usually seem to either love or detest. Then, there are aspects of fitness training that are polarizing amongst exercise physiologists, trainers, and coaches in terms of whether they are the most effective ways to train … Read more

30-Day Jump Rope Challenge To Build Strength, Speed, Agility + Fitness

One of two images probably comes to mind when you imagine jumping rope: a famous scene from one of the Rocky movies, another boxer doing jump rope drills to train, or childhood memories of jumping rope on the playground.  Boxers are on to something because this childhood favorite outdoor activity is not just child’s play—jumping … Read more

30 Day Burpee Challenge To Build Full Body Strength

Runners love a good challenge. Whether it’s completing your first 5k or marathon, training to break a specific mile time, or working on an impressive running streak, fitness challenges are motivating and help us reach new levels of performance and grit. We tend to gravitate towards running-related challenges—mileage, pace, or other running-specific goals. However, it’s … Read more

30 Day Push-Up Challenge For Beginners

Runners tend to be goal-oriented, and we often gravitate towards challenges to achieve specific fitness milestones or athletic feats. Finishing a marathon, setting a new PR in the 5k, and completing a running streak are popular bucket list goals for running itself. An increasing number of runners are also choosing to set other fitness goals, … Read more

30 Day Running Challenge For Beginners

Have you ever felt a twinge of FOMO when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see photos of your friends triumphantly finishing races or showing their post-run selfie smile? Or, perhaps you used to run, but it’s been years since you’ve felt like you had the time, energy, and motivation to run with … Read more

30 Day Arm Challenge For Beginners

If you’re a runner, or you enjoy walking, biking, or indoor cycling, chances are you have strong legs. But, unless you’re doing dedicated strength training workouts, the strength in your arms and upper body might be lagging behind. If you’ve been thinking of getting started with a more structured resistance training program to build upper … Read more