Low Blood Pressure After Exercise: The Possible Causes, Explained

The predominant concern that we hear about blood pressure is hypertension, which is the clinical term for high blood pressure. Hypertension is associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other adverse health conditions. However, some people deal with hypotension, which is low blood pressure, either circumstantially or chronically. Although hypotension does not … Read more

What Is A Muscle Knot? + 10 Ways To Help Relieve The Pain

Most people have experienced a muscle knot at one time or another. Muscle knots can occur in virtually any muscle or fascia tissue in the body but are particularly common in the calves, the trapezius in the upper back, lower back muscles, and shoulders. But what is a muscle knot? What causes muscle knots? And … Read more

Why Am I Hungry All The Time? 12 Causes Of Constant Hunger

Hunger is certainly not a comfortable sensation, and as a majority of people are either trying to lose weight or maintain their weight rather than gain weight, hunger is also usually an unwelcome feeling because it can lead to more eating and a higher caloric intake. Of course, hunger has a valuable biological purpose, as … Read more

Headache After Working Out? 5 Likely Causes And How To Fix It

We all know that exercise is fantastic for the body.  Aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling, or jumping rope, strengthens your cardiovascular system, reduces your risk of diseases, boosts mental health, and burns calories, while resistance training increases muscular strength, strengthens bones, and can help build muscle, with tons of overlap in the benefits of … Read more

Tight Leg Muscles? Here’s Why + 10 Ways To Loosen Tight Muscles

Perhaps you are a runner, cyclist, or another athlete who either doesn’t stretch often or stretches with little avail, or perhaps you are someone who doesn’t have time for consistent exercise and has to sit all day at your job. In either scenario, it’s quite common to experience tight leg muscles, and many people complain … Read more

Lightheaded After A Workout? Here’s Why You May Be Dizzy After Working Out

If you nailed your workout, you likely feel proud and impressed with yourself. Unless you’re an exercise fiend, there’s also a good chance you feel relieved the workout is over. It’s also completely normal and expected that you feel tired or like your muscles are spent after a hard workout. But what if you feel … Read more

Working Out With A Hernia: Is It Safe? + 6 Exercises For Hernias

It is a common fear among many people who exercise: everything in your workout is going fine, and then suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen and groin. You may peek under your shirt or waistband and discover an unfamiliar bulge protruding from your abdomen; this is a dreaded hernia. Although hernias can … Read more

Exercising with Osteoporosis: The Best Exercises To Stay Strong

For many people, getting a diagnosis of osteoporosis can feel like a death sentence.  The fear of fracture is very real, and the very notion that you might exercise can sound not only improbable, but also ill-advised. After all, high-impact sports like running and jumping can put a lot of stress on the bones and … Read more