Heat and Heart Rate Zones: How Weather Can Affect Your Training HR

Heart rate training is a popular approach to endurance training, both for runners and for other endurance athletes like cyclists. Heart rate training involves monitoring your heart rate during exercise and aiming to keep it within specific predetermined “heart rate zones,“ depending on your age, fitness level, and workout goals. However, multiple factors can affect … Read more

Running Heart Rate Guide + How To Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones

As a certified running coach, I use various run training methods with my athletes, such as RPE (rate of perceived exertion), specific paces in minutes per kilometer or mile (calculated after a speed test like a 3K or 5K), and target heart rate zones. Each method has pros and cons, and choosing which to use … Read more

How To Calculate Heart Rate Zones For Efficient Run Training

With the increased availability of accurate heart rate monitors for athletes, heart rate training has become a popular approach to training for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and everyday athletes. Heart rate training uses different heart rate zones based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate to guide training intensity for a given workout. In this … Read more

Why Is My Resting Heart Rate So High?

Heart rate during exercise can provide an indication of your aerobic fitness as well as the intensity level of a workout. For these reasons, wearing a heart rate monitor or using a GPS watch with wrist-based heart rate monitoring has become increasingly popular among recreational and competitive runners.  While capturing your exercise heart rate data … Read more

How To Calculate Max Heart Rate: 8 Ways To Measure It

One of the best ways to gauge your workout intensity is to monitor your heart rate.  Because your heart rate is correlated with the intensity level of any type of physical activity, and the association is fairly linear, your heart rate during exercise can be an effective and practical way to quantify your effort level … Read more

Do You Have An Elevated Heart Rate After Exercise? Here’s Why

During any type of cardio workout, your heart rate increases above resting levels. Indeed, the whole purpose of aerobic exercise is to elevate your heart rate in order to strengthen your heart and lungs and improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Today, whether you run or work out at a gym for exercise, it’s … Read more

What’s A Good Heart Rate Recovery? HRR Explained

As runners, we love metrics, especially heart rate metrics. Many of us use heart rate zone training instead of pace or rate of perceived exertion as a method of run training. Monitoring your heart rate during exercise can help you gauge the intensity of your workouts, and your resting heart rate can provide insight into … Read more

Heart Rate Training Zones for Runners: Complete Guide

With all of the training methods out there, trying to figure out which one to use, pace training, rate of perceived exertion, or heart rate training, can become overwhelming. What’s the right method? That’s the million-dollar question right there.  As a running coach and ultra-runner, utilizing heart rate data for both myself and my clients … Read more

What’s A Good Resting Heart Rate? Average Resting HR By Age And Sex

Although most people who wear heart rate monitors and smartwatches focus on their target heart rate zones during physical activity, monitoring your resting heart rate can also be beneficial. As the term describes, resting heart rate refers to the rate at which your heart beats at rest, measured in the number of times your heart … Read more

How To Calculate Maximum Heart Rate (Without Going All Out To Measure It!)

As a UESCA-certified running Coach and Triathlon Coach, I work with a lot of runners and triathletes who want to do heart rate training. Heart rate training can be very beneficial for endurance athletes. Many athletes I have worked with have set huge PRs and improved their performance across numerous distances by switching to heart … Read more

Apple Watch HRV: Is It Accurate? + How It’s Calculated + How To Use It

An increasing number of wearable health and fitness trackers now provide heart rate variability (HRV) data, including the popular Apple Watch. But, is the Apple Watch HRV accurate? How does Apple Watch HRV work? What does HRV on Apple Watch mean? In this Apple Watch heart rate variability guide, we will explain what HRV on … Read more

The Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone + How To Calculate Your Zone 2 HR

The fat burning heart rate zone is often depicted as a sweet spot for “fat burning”, typically falling between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate.

At this intensity, the body is said to predominantly utilize fat stores for energy, making it an attractive option for those looking to burn fat. However, low-intensity workouts may not burn as many calories overall as higher-intensity exercise.

How To Lower Resting Heart Rate: 7 Practices To Include In Your Routine 

There are various diagnostic procedures that can provide insight into your cardiovascular health and cardiovascular disease risk. However, there are also certain biometrics that you can track right at home on a daily basis that can provide a window into the health of your cardiovascular system, one of which is your resting heart rate. Research … Read more