Jim Walmsley And Katie Schide Top The Fields At 2024 Western States 100

Schide was just 17 minutes shy of Courtney Dauwalter's 2023 course record.


The Western States 100 is an icon in the world of ultra and trail running. 

The oldest 100-miler in North America, it is known for its grueling course, which includes 5,000 meters of elevation gain throughout. 

Entry to the race is notoriously difficult (maybe even more so than the race itself), with hopeful participants needing to complete a qualifying race each year to earn a lottery ticket. Despite the odds, the event attracts thousands of entrants annually, all vying for a chance to compete in this prestigious race.

This year’s race conditions were particularly challenging, with temperatures soaring above 30°C (86°F) in Auburn.

In a field billed as the most competitive in its history, the 2024 Western States 100 saw triumphant performances from Jim Walmsley and Katie Schide. 

Jim Walmsley And Katie Schide Top The Fields At 2024 Western States 100 1

Jim Walmsley Tops Men’s Field

Walmsley of Flagstaff, Arizona, secured his fourth Western States 100 title, finishing the grueling 100-mile course in 14:13:45, the second-fastest time ever recorded at the event. Walmsley, known for his aggressive pacing and unmatched endurance, returned to the Western States 100 after a two-year hiatus to focus on conquering the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) in France. 

The race started at 5 a.m. in near-perfect conditions, but the rising temperatures soon became challenging. 

Walmsley found himself in a fierce battle with youngster Rod Farvard. Farvard surged ahead in the early stages, but Walmsley used his experience to close the gap and eventually took the lead. Their rivalry intensified throughout the race, with Farvard briefly pulling ahead once again before Walmsley ultimately secured his victory.

Farvard finished in 14:24:15, holding off a late charge from Hayden Hawks, who rounded out the podium in 14:24:31. The close finishes among the top runners highlighted the depth of talent in this year’s field.

Jim Walmsley And Katie Schide Top The Fields At 2024 Western States 100 2

Top 10 Men:

  1. Jim Walmsley – 14:13:45
  2. Rod Farvard – 14:24:15
  3. Hayden Hawks – 14:24:31
  4. Dan Jones – 14:32:29
  5. Caleb Olson – 14:40:12
  6. Jon Albon – 14:57:01
  7. Tyler Green – 15:05:39
  8. Jia-Sheng Shen – 15:09:49
  9. Jonathan Rea – 15:13:10
  10. Chris Myers – 15:18:25
Jim Walmsley And Katie Schide Top The Fields At 2024 Western States 100 3

Katie Schide Wins, Just Short Of Course Record

Katie Schide, an American residing in France, delivered a remarkable performance in the women’s race. 

Schide, known for her strategic racing, finished in 15:46:57, the second-fastest women’s time in Western States 100 history. Her time was nearly an hour faster than her own from the previous year and just 17 minutes shy of Courtney Dauwalter’s 2023 course record.

From the race’s start, Schide set a blistering pace, quickly establishing a significant lead. By the time she reached the 30-mile mark at Robinson Flat, she was 21 minutes ahead of second-place runner Emily Hawgood of Zimbabwe and on pace to break the course record. 

The competition in the women’s field was fierce, with Fu-Zhao Xiang of China finishing second in 16:20:03 and Eszter Csillag of Hong Kong taking third in 16:42:17. The top six women all finished under 17 hours.

Jim Walmsley And Katie Schide Top The Fields At 2024 Western States 100 4

Top 10 Women:

  1. Katie Schide – 15:46:57
  2. Fu-Zhao Xiang – 16:20:03
  3. Eszter Csillag – 16:42:17
  4. Emily Hawgood – 16:48:43
  5. Yngvild Kaspersen – 16:50:39
  6. Ida Nilsson – 16:56:52
  7. Heather Jackson – 17:16:43
  8. Rachel Drake – 17:28:35
  9. Priscilla Forgie – 17:30:24
  10. Leah Yingling – 17:33:54
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