Are You Fast Enough To Outrun Zombies? The 28 Days Later Sequel Is Looking for Runners as Extras

Director Danny Boyle is "urgently" seeking runners and cyclists in the UK to fill scenes that involve "fast zombies"


Ever dreamed of running away from zombies, getting your break in a Hollywood movie, or making a bit of money from your hobby? Well, now might be your chance to do all three!

Oscar-award-winning British director Danny Boyle has put out an urgent casting call for ultra runners to star as extras in the upcoming sequel of the 2002 film ‘28 Days Later.’

Boyle’s latest project, the long-awaited third instalment in the franchise that began with ’28 Days Later,’ is progressing faster than any of us, even himself, could have thought. 

’28 Years Later‘ is the beginning of a new trilogy, with Boyle directing the initial movie and Nia DaCosta confirmed for subsequent entries.

Additionally, screenwriter Alex Garland has returned to craft the script, and casting announcements have been rolling in. Securing the return of Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy was a significant coup, although his role in the trilogy’s narrative remains somewhat unclear.

Seems like they have the cast and crew in place…nearly.

Are You Fast Enough To Outrun Zombies? The 28 Days Later Sequel Is Looking for Runners as Extras 1

According to a recent casting call from the Casting Collective agency, the production is seeking highly athletic individuals—runners, cyclists, triathletes, and those with fit, lean physiques—to join the cast as extras. 

The call for extras is urgent, with filming scheduled to begin next month in May.

While the casting call doesn’t explicitly mention the film’s title, it doesn’t take a detective to connect the dots. In short, Danny Boyle is assembling his team swiftly for what promises to be an intense shoot in the northeast of England.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in turning your hobby into part of a Hollywood production:

Are You Fast Enough To Outrun Zombies? The 28 Days Later Sequel Is Looking for Runners as Extras 2

“Extras needed in Northumberland and North East England

Looking for people based in or able to drive to Northumberland and other areas of North East England for a major feature film shooting Spring and Summer 2024.

Filming in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Tyneside, and surrounding areas.

We are also looking for ultra marathon runners/serious cyclists/triathletes/fit people with lean strong physiques.

You must be 17+ with a valid NI number in order to apply.

Our urgent casting calls are fully compliant with the UK Equality Act. While we may specify certain characteristics sought by productions for casting purposes, we warmly invite applications from individuals of all genders, ethnicities, and ages; all will be considered, and no discrimination should be implied.”

Are You Fast Enough To Outrun Zombies? The 28 Days Later Sequel Is Looking for Runners as Extras 3

So, although it’s only open to those with the right to work in the UK, it’s still a pretty cool chance to get some screen time (and make some cash while you’re at it). Sony Pictures has distribution rights for the trilogy, with each film boasting a substantial budget of around $75 million. 

If the prospect of sprinting away from fictional peril piques your interest, consider checking out the Casting Collective page for more information.

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