The 10 Best Gift Ideas For Runners: 2021 Edition

Here’s our pick of the best gift ideas for runners – selected by our team of coaches and runners from the Marathon Handbook community! Whether it’s the upcoming holiday season, celebrating a new PR or a birthday, there’s always a reason to treat the runner in your life – even if that’s you! With this … Read more

6 Downsides of ONLY Running: Why Runners Need To Cross Train

The health benefits of running are hard to argue with: being a runner can improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness, as well as make you live longer and improve your mental health. However, like everything in life, too much of one thing can lead to imbalances and weaknesses. Runners have a bad reputation for ignoring … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Cross Training For Runners

Cross training for runners is an essential part of a sustainable, healthy, strong, and injury-free running journey. By mixing up your training plan with other activities – be it strength training, yoga, or swimming – cross training is important for helping you level up your running and hit new PRs. But when done incorrectly, cross … Read more