Rate of Perceived Exertion: Why RPE Is The Best Running Metric

Have you heard of the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) chart but not sure how it’s used or whether it is useful for your running workouts? Here’s my mega-guide to explaining what RPE is, why every runner should be familiar with it, and how to use it for creating workout routines. The topic of RPE, … Read more

The 26 Golden Rules of Running

Here are my 26 Golden Rules of Running – universal truths about running that are applicable to almost all runners, regardless of background and experience level! The idea is that if you follow these 26 rules, you’ll have a long, happy, and successful relationship with running. The golden rules touch on every aspect of your … Read more

12 Essential Tips for Half Marathon Training (+ Training Plans)

Tips for half marathon training are essential while training for your race. You can always download a training plan to get ready for the big day – but expert guidance can help the experience be more effective and positive for you. Training for a half marathon is exciting – it’s a great goal and a … Read more