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The newsletter “Run Long Run Healthy” has been created by Amby Burfoot, Marathon Handbook Editor At Large and the 1968 Boston Marathon winner, as well as longtime executive editor at Runner’s World magazine, and author of a half dozen running books.

From Amby:

I am retired from fulltime employment now, so have time (between workouts) to scour the Internet for the best articles about running, fitness, health, and nutrition. I look for the topics that can help you the most: Training. Nutrition. Shoes. Motivation. Injury Prevention. And much more.

That’s what you’ll find at “Run Long, Run Healthy.” As I like to say: “I spend HOURS finding the best new running articles, so you can review them in MINUTES.” I think you’ll find that my summaries are informative, and can help you run better and healthier.

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