MAF Method Guide: How The Maffetone Method Of Moderate Running Works

In the spring of 2020, I was beginning to build my mileage for a fall ultramarathon.  I had tried to build my mileage up in the past but found myself nursing injuries after spending a few weeks above 50 miles. Doing some research on different training for marathons and ultramarathons, I came across Phil Maffetone … Read more

Jogging vs Running: The Benefits and Differences

Has anyone ever asked you to go jogging with them? How about joining them for a run? If asked these questions, would you consider there to be a difference in their request? On the surface, these two terms appear to be the same or at least very similar. So what’s the difference between jogging vs. … Read more

Yasso 800s Guide: How To + Marathon Time Predictor

Yasso 800s are a classic speed workout that are widely used by distance runners. Yasso 800s have become a staple workout in many marathon training plans – and can be used to predict your marathon finishing time (we’ll get into how accurate they are later). Today, we’re going to discuss Yasso 800s in-depth, and see … Read more