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Amber Nelson

UESCA-Certified Running Coach, Obstacle Course Racing Guru

Meet Amber Nelson!

I am a UESCA-certified running coach, psychology PhD student, and competitive obstacle racer and trail runner. Once 100 pounds overweight I found fitness and fell in love with an active and competitive lifestyle. My passion for inspiring others and fitness come together seamlessly in the world of writing where I get to share the thing that changed my life. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, my dogs, as well as baking and cooking.

amber nelson

How long have you been running?

6 years! 

Your favorite race?

Run the Rocks 50k in Moab, Utah

Do you prefer a hard mile or a slow long run?

I definitely prefer a slow long run. While I love being challenged, running is good for my soul and it’s the long slow miles that allow me to get lost in my thoughts and take in the views that I love the most. 

What do you listen to when you run?

I love listening to books that I can get lost in but also enjoy running podcasts like “Trail Running Women”, “The Running Public”, and “Women of Distance.” What I listen to really depends on the time of the year. When I am gearing up for a race I gravitate more towards running podcasts and books. 

Trails or road? 

100% trails!

 amber nelson

What does your typical week look like? 

My training week starts on Monday. I have my secondary long endurance run on that day and then Tuesdays I have off. I have two shorter endurance runs during the week as well as a tempo run and a hill/speed workout as well. On Saturday I cross-train (typically on my Elliptigo) and on Sundays, I have my long endurance run. 

How did you get into running?

I fell in love with running after I lost 100 lbs and got introduced to it through a group training gym that was training for an outdoor obstacle course race. When they took me to the trails it was love at first stride. 

What’s your favorite post-run indulgence food?

It really depends. After a long race, I typically want a juicy burger with fries but after my weekly long run, I tend to want a huge sandwich loaded with veggies and something sweet to go with it. 

What’s one myth about runners you wish was debunked or done away with once and for all?

I was once told by a personal trainer that you cannot learn to love running, you either do or you don’t.

But I hated it once upon a time and now I live for it. Under the right circumstances, around the right people, and in the right environment, you can learn to love running. 

Do you have any pets?

I have two little dogs.

They aren’t exactly running partners but they are great for post-long-run cuddles.