Mother Completes 15K Mountain Race While Carrying Her Six-Month-Old Daughter

Belén Agut says it was just another normal day out for her and Noa


If running a 15K mountain race featuring 800m of positive elevation doesn’t sound challenging enough, try running it while carrying a tiny human.

Meet Belén Agut, the super-mom who did just that. 

The 38-year-old mother welcomed her daughter, Noa, into the world almost six months ago, but she didn’t let such a major life event stop her from continuing to hit the road and trails.

Agut was an accomplished trail runner well before she became a mother. She placed 5th at the CSP Penyagolosa Trail, one of the most notable races in Spain and the most important in her region. Agut also ran throughout her pregnancy, up until 35 weeks, shortly before Noa was born.

Last Sunday, Agut completed the Pujada del Marinet, a 15K mountain race in the eastern region of Spain. Carrying Noa on her front in a baby carrier, Agut completed the race in 3:14:14, placing 31st among all female competitors.

However, this style of running wasn’t anything new for Agut, as she said she and Noa haven’t missed a day out yet.

Mother Completes 15K Mountain Race While Carrying Her Six-Month-Old Daughter 1

“When I go out for a run, if I go through the mountains, I go alone. If I train on asphalt, I go with Noa and the car to run. In addition, I go out to walk with her in the mountains every day with the baby carrier. She is five and a half months old and doesn’t. We haven’t missed a single day,” she said to Runner’s World.

Agut is well aware that not everyone supports her decision to bring Noa out in the mountains and on runs with her, as there has been no shortage of criticism on social media, but she says, “Everyone has the right to their opinion, although I don’t agree that they criticize without knowing. I would never do something that could put my daughter’s life in danger. I simply went out with a bib to take a three-hour excursion (walking) in the mountains with little Noa, the same as any other weekend. For us, it feels normal. I’m very lucky to be able to share that hobby and that lifestyle with her.”

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