Is Camille Herron’s Unconventional Fuelling Strategy The Key To Ultrarunning Stardom?

The American icon continues to crush records...and beers

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Camille Herron, the American ultrarunning icon, has been the frontrunner at the Lululemon Further Six-Day Ultramarathon.

With one day left still of the race, Herron has already shattered eight records:

  • American 48-hour road record: 247.73 miles
  • 300-mile world record: 59 hours, 54 minutes, 58 seconds
  • 500K world record: 62 hours, 50 minutes, 45 seconds
  • 72-hour world record: 341 miles
  • 400-mile world record: 88 hours, 34 minutes, 26 seconds
  • Four-day world record: 429.8 miles
  • 700K world record: 98 hours, 33 minutes, 59 seconds

To shatter these records, Herron’s got to fuelling consistently throughout the race.

However, Camille Herron’s fueling strategy isn’t found in textbooks.

It’s found in beer bottles. 

This isn’t the first time Herron’s embraced beer as a performance enhancer. During her ultramarathons, she’s been spotted downing Belgian brews, boasting about their gut-settling properties and ability to help her maintain mental clarity during the toughest stretches of the race.

At the Tunnel Hill 100-Miler in Illinois, for example, Herron shattered the women’s world record for the 100-mile trail, all while sipping on a beer and a half. The beverage wasn’t just a refreshment; it was fuel, she said.

Herron claimed it settled her stomach and sharpened her focus amidst the grueling race.

But Herron’s affinity for beer isn’t just about the buzz. It’s part of her larger approach to ultrarunning, where science meets unconventional wisdom. With a background in osteoimmunology and a penchant for pushing her body to extremes, Herron’s unconventional practices have helped her rise to the top of ultrarunning.

Is Camille Herron's Unconventional Fuelling Strategy The Key To Ultrarunning Stardom? 1
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Herron’s fuel has slightly changed throughout the years however, as she now opts for zero percent beer, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Following a diagnosis of hemochromatosis, where her body has too much iron, she had to ditch the alcoholic version of her beer.

Alcohol increases the severity of symptoms and disease in people with hemochromatosis. Both iron and alcohol individually cause oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation, which results in liver damage, one of the major concerns with this disease.

Is Camille Herron's Unconventional Fuelling Strategy The Key To Ultrarunning Stardom? 2

While her approach may raise eyebrows in traditional running circles, her results speak for themselves – multiple world records broken, barriers shattered, all with a beer in hand.

In a sport where pushing boundaries is the norm, Camille Herron stands out – not just for her record-breaking feats but for her willingness to embrace a beer-fueled sprint to the finish. Love it or loathe it, Herron’s unconventional fuel has propelled her to the ultrarunning history books.

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