Camille Herron Shattering Records At Lululemon ‘Further’ Ultra… And It’s Only Halfway Done

The American ultra standout is well on her way to crushing an 18-year world record

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American ultrarunning icon Camille Herron is once again making headlines at the Lululemon ‘Further’ Six-Day Ultramarathon in California, showcasing her dominance in the sport and breaking records along the way.

The event, a novel initiative by the activewear brand, aims to highlight the capabilities of women in endurance sports, utilizing resources and product innovations typically reserved for men. Most of the new products featured in the event will be available for retail sale later this year.

Camille Herron Shattering Records At Lululemon 'Further' Ultra... And It's Only Halfway Done 1
Photo Credit: Lululemon

Beginning on March 6, the six-day ultramarathon witnessed Herron and nine other women embark on a quest to not only surpass their own goals but also to challenge world records. 

Partnering with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, the event also serves as a platform for pioneering female-centered research, delving into unexplored realms of female ultrarunning physiology.

Described by Lululemon as a “six-day ultramarathon with one rule: Go as far as possible,” the event is unfolding on a certified 2.6-mile looped course in La Quinta.

For Herron, aged 42, it’s an opportunity to further solidify her status as one of the most decorated ultrarunners in history.

Among her recent achievements, pending ratification, Herron has clinched the 48-hour American open road record, covering an astounding 247.73 miles

Additionally, she shattered the women’s world 300-mile record, completing the distance in a remarkable time of 2 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes, and 28 seconds

Not stopping there, she also set a new women’s world record for 500 kilometers, achieving the feat in just two days, 14 hours, and 45 seconds.

However, perhaps the most ambitious target on Herron’s radar is the six-day world record, a title currently held by Yiannis Kouros of Greece since 2005, at a staggering 644.23 miles (1036 kilometers).

To claim this milestone, Herron must complete 248 laps of the course over the duration of the event—a challenge she is steadily advancing towards.

At the time of writing, Herron has completed nearly 72 hours of the Lululemon ‘Further’ Ultra and has recorded 133 laps completed, equaling 338.7 miles or 545.2 kilometers.

To follow all the live stats and updates from the event, head over to our live blog here.

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