WATCH: Sight Impaired Woman Runs Marathon Hand-in-Hand with Husband

The North Carolina couple completed the Dopey Challenge—a 5K, 10K, half and full marathon—while holding hands at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January

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In the bustling city of Davidson, North Carolina, you can often see runners on the greenway getting in a scenic training run or preparing for a local race. However, Laurent and Susan Moriceau’s approach to running isn’t like that of the other runners on the greenway. 

The Moriceau’s aren’t just your typical running partners. Susan suffers from vision impairment due to retinitis pigmentosa, which makes their running journey a bit of a “tandem” adventure. 

As her vision declined over the years, Susan found solace and purpose in running, as it was something that not only challenged her physically but also empowered her to confront the daunting reality of blindness head-on.

“Running with a blindfold that you can’t take off—scary, but exhilarating,” Susan shares to Queen City News, describing the paradox of her experience. With only shadows and light guiding her path, every training run and race becomes a test of the couple’s .

WATCH: Sight Impaired Woman Runs Marathon Hand-in-Hand with Husband 1
Photo Credit: Mark Ashman

“We rely on each other. This is what happens when you take love and run with it,” Susan said to Queen City News.

For Laurent, being Susan’s guide isn’t just a duty; it’s a source of motivation. “Sometimes he tells me that he relies on me for the motivation to get out and run,” Susan says.

Their journey peaked in January at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend—a series of races ranging from 5 kilometers to a full marathon, albeit some changed due to inclement weather. 

WATCH: Sight Impaired Woman Runs Marathon Hand-in-Hand with Husband 2
Photo Credit: Mark Ashman

Through every mile, Lauren and Susan remained tethered together, completing each mile in their tandem running style.

“It’s not just about the races; it’s about the journey we take together,” Laurent remarks, his voice filled with admiration for her partner’s strength and determination.

As they celebrate 25 years of marriage, Laurent and Susan Moriceau have a unique style and dynamic of running, but hand-in-hand, they still manage to cross the finish line together.

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