Marathon Girls Gear Guide

Marathon Girls Gear Guide


In marathon training mode?

Getting the right gear is an essential part of starting your marathon journey.

Our marathon girls’ gear guide focuses on advice specifically for women – including running shoes, socks, bra, shorts, shirts – all the bits and pieces you’ll need to run your race! 

Get a head-start and download our 13-page PDF marathon girls’ gear guide today! 

Overview of What’s Included:

  • In-depth Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide
    We look at the difference between men and women’s shoes, and how they’ve developed. Then we look at how to try shoes, what to look for and how to find the perfect pair for your marathon!
  • Running socks
    Often overlooked, we run through why it’s so important to have the right socks as you ramp up your mileage.  We also look at why toe socks are so awesome!
  • Sports Bras
    Getting the right type of sports bra is essential for distance runners – both for long-term breast health and good running form.
  • And more!
    We give a breakdown of the main points you want to be checking out when looking for new running shirts and shorts! 
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