Marathon Mom Who ‘Ignored’ Her Kids In Viral Video Responds To Critics

Should this Portuguese runner have crossed the finish line with her children?


Marathon runner Luciana Grandi Lourenção sparked an online debate about the balance between motherhood and personal passions after a viral video from a recent race showed her passing by, or what many people are claiming as ‘ignoring,’ her husband and two children at the finish line.

The video, which shows Lourenção sprinting past her husband and daughters to secure her win, has garnered over 16.6 million views on TikTok and Instagram.

Many viewers commented on her apparent disregard for her cheering family, especially after she finished the race. Her husband’s frustrated reaction as she ran past their daughters, who were trying to high-five her, was particularly noticed by online users.

On Sunday, Lourenção addressed the controversy on Instagram. 

Speaking in Portuguese, she introduced herself as a personal trainer, amateur athlete, runner, mother of two girls, and wife to Pedro. She explained that she was focused on outrunning a close competitor during her final sprint, a decision made more intense by her narrow lead.

She clarified that her family had planned for her daughters to join her at the finish line, but the competitive nature of the race altered her course of action. Exhausted and determined, she chose not to stop, prioritizing the race outcome.

After crossing the finish line, Lourenção celebrated with her brother, Téo Grandi, and later with her daughters and husband. Though the family moment didn’t occur at the finish line, she included her daughters on the winner’s podium. 

Marathon Mom Who 'Ignored' Her Kids In Viral Video Responds To Critics 1

In her Instagram video, she expressed regret for not making a “nicer arrival” with her family but reassured her followers, “I will have other opportunities to do this.” She also praised her husband Pedro as “an excellent husband” and “an incredible father.”

The Instagram response video received mixed reactions. 

Many followers appreciated Lourenção’s explanation and congratulated her on the race. Some commenters highlighted the challenge of balancing motherhood with personal achievements, supporting her decision to focus on the race. 

One user wrote in Portuguese, “In motherhood, we often give the best to our children. People don’t understand that we need our moment. This was your moment.”

The debate on social media continued, with fellow moms applauding her for setting an example of strength and independence. One TikTok comment read, “She showed her daughters how to be strong, independent, and amazing.”

Marathon Mom Who 'Ignored' Her Kids In Viral Video Responds To Critics 2

However, other users did not take kindly to Lourenção not immediately turning to her family after she crossed the line, “I understand her not hugging or carrying the kids before getting to the finish line. But what’s her excuse for after she crossed? I’m also a runner and I would have ran back to hug my kids before hugging a fellow competitor.”

And some even criticized the husband and father’s finish location decision, “Uhhhh, isn’t hubby on the wrong side of the finishline…?”

Lourenção’s Instagram has now been set to private. What are your thoughts on the controversial video?

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