Watch: Olympic Hopeful Rory Linkletter Shares Day-In-The-Life And Post-Houston Half Reflection

Linkletter's result was bittersweet but he's shifting his focus to his upcoming race in Seville

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Canadian long-distance runner Rory Linkletter recently shared a YouTube video giving us insights into his routine and providing us a glimpse into one of his days leading up to the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, where he achieved an impressive time of 1:01:02.

The day began with Linkletter’s pre-workout routine on a snowy morning. 

He emphasized the importance of a good cup of coffee and his standard pre-workout meal consisting of two toaster waffles.

Linkletter shared his workout plan for the day, including a 20-minute warm-up, 2 miles at a 5:00 to 5:10 pace per mile, and some short sprints to turn over his legs.

Throughout the day, Linkletter highlighted various aspects of his training, such as pre-run activation, mobility exercises, and the significance of maintaining a proper fueling strategy

He shared insights into his frequent eating habits, emphasizing the importance of consuming enough calories to support his marathon training and prevent fatigue.

Watch: Olympic Hopeful Rory Linkletter Shares Day-In-The-Life And Post-Houston Half Reflection 1

His day also included some unorthodox methods of cross-training, such as shoveling snow, and discussions about training strategies, emphasizing once again the need for proper fueling during and outside of workouts.

Despite facing tough conditions during the race, including portions of the race with strong winds, Linkletter ran a personal best time of 1:01:02, securing a sixth-place finish.

In his post-race reflections, Linkletter acknowledged the bittersweet feeling of achieving a personal best but falling short of his ideal race. 

He discussed the strategic decisions he made during the race, the mental challenges of running solo, and his determination to break the 61-minute barrier

Linkletter was pleased with the positive atmosphere at the Houston Half Marathon and is optimistic about his upcoming challenge at the Seville Marathon.

Watch: Olympic Hopeful Rory Linkletter Shares Day-In-The-Life And Post-Houston Half Reflection 2

Linkletter is one of the Olympic marathon hopefuls from Canada. His best marathon time from 2023 was at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, where he ran 2:12:16.

Linkletter will be hoping to run under the elusive Olympic standard in Seville; otherwise, he will be hoping to qualify for the Paris Games via the World Athletics Road to Paris List.

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