The 26 Golden Rules of Running

Here are my 26 Golden Rules of Running – universal truths about running that are applicable to almost all runners, regardless of background and experience level! The idea is that if you follow these 26 rules, you’ll have a long, happy, and successful relationship with running. The golden rules touch on every aspect of your … Read more

Adventures in Distance Running and Keto: How To Run Far on an LCHF Diet

In this post, I’m going to share my experience and advice in adopting the keto diet for 10-14 day cycles as a distance runner.   We’ll explore the background of ketosis, explain the potential benefits, and address the nay-sayers.  Interested in keto and running? Let’s jump in! The principle behind the ‘keto’ diet is that … Read more

Why I Stopped Running Ultras – Stepping Off The Hedonistic Treadmill

It’s been over 3 years since I ran an ultramarathon. That might be surprising to some of you – especially those of you who have read some of the many ultrarunning articles I’ve put out in that time, or checked out the Ultra Runner’s Playbook. In between, I took an unplanned break from distance running. … Read more

How You’re Screwing Up Your Long Runs

Many runners are conflicted or confused about the advice that long runs should normally be done at a slow and conversational pace – in this post, I’m going to dig into the details and reasoning behind this. Long runs are easily the most popular topic that runners email me about. As an online running coach, … Read more

Endure, by Alex Hutchinson – Notes on My New Favorite Running Book

Hey guys, Today I’m going to break form somewhat and deliver what is essentially a book report.    I don’t usually go into detail when discussing books here, but Endure by Alex Hutchinson had so many valuable insights for endurance athletes I felt compelled to write about it – and capture some of my notes for my own future … Read more

Introducing our Marathon Training Facebook Group!

Today we’re launching the Marathon Handbook: Marathon Training Facebook Group!  Do you have a nagging question about your marathon training? Are you looking to interact and share lessons and stories with runners at the same stage as you? Click here to join right now! The purpose of the marathon training Facebook group is to serve as a home for … Read more