The Definitive Guide To HRV Part II: How Do We Measure Heart Rate Variability?

In Part I of this series of The Definitive Guide To Heart Rate Variability For Training, we saw how heart rate variability (HRV) can serve as an indicator of the stress response if measured under certain conditions. In this blog, we clarify what those conditions are, and get more practical, covering available technologies and protocols … Read more

The Science Behind The Warm-Up

Whether it was your 5th-grade soccer coach, your college track coach, or your running groupbuddies, if you’ve been participating in sports of any kind, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Yougotta warm up!” While this is a common understanding, the science of the warm-up is less understood. While the general rationale for warming up is fairly … Read more

Mindset: The Secret To Improving Your Running And Racing

Finally, the race update came through the phone. It read, ‘OUT OF TIME.’  My head and heart sank.  He had spent a month in Chamonix, France, training so hard and smart for this race in the Alps. Thirty-four miles with 8,000 feet of elevation gain is no joke.  Add in torrential mountain rain and wind and ankle-deep … Read more

What To Look For In A Running Coach: 13 Factors To Consider

As the founder of UESCA, a company that educates and certifies running coaches, one of the questions that I get asked the most is, “What should I look for in a running coach?”  Do a Google search for “running coach,” and you’ll find literally hundreds of websites of coaches. Moreover, when you read through the … Read more

How Every Runner Can Be Elite

No, this is not clickbait.  Most traits that make up an elite athlete are trainable, controllable, and tangible – traits we all can have. Yes, we might not have elite physical traits, but what separates elite athletes from their peers is tangible and trainable.  It is all about the daily choices that are made to be … Read more

Risk-Based Pacing: How To Pace Yourself For A Successful Race

Risk-based pacing is an important part of running. It is perhaps one of the most important things to master, as it can be the difference between finishing strong and dropping out of a race. The general theme with pacing is: Start Conservatively, Finish Strong The longer the event, the more applicable this theme is. This … Read more

Reverse Periodization: Key Principles For Your Next Training Program

Periodization is a pretty common term and training practice within the realm of endurance sports. When most endurance athletes think of periodization, they think of a pyramid, with the lowest intensity/highest volume at the bottom and the highest intensity/lowest volume at the top. This pyramid is typically designed to peak for one event per year … Read more