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Since 2021, Marathon Handbook has been the proud custodian of the archives of the iconic Marathon & Beyond magazine.

Marathon & Beyond was a print magazine in the U.S. which ran from 1997 to 2016, publishing a total of 114 issues in that time.

It was launched, led, and published throughout its entire run by the duo Richard Benyo and Jan Seeley (IRunFar did an awesome profile of them here, back in 2016).

Marathon & Beyond catered for a loyal readership of long-distance runners looking for quality, long-form writing: stuff that you wouldn’t find in other magazines because it was way too long, too in-depth, too “completely complete” as Bob Anderson, founder of Runner’s World used to call it, said Rich.

The magazine regularly published pieces from legends of the running world, including Katherine Switzer, Hal Higdon, and Amby Burfoot to name a few.

We’ve made all the old issues available for free to browse, and we’re also going to continue to pick out some of the great articles and publish them as standalone pieces – check out a few below.

We’re pleased that Marathon & Beyond has a new, digital home – so all of its articles can live on- so grab a beverage, and browse on!

And if you’d like to enquire about purchasing paper copies of any back issues, reach out to Rich and Jan here!