Tight Shins When Running? Here’s 8 Reasons Why + How To Resolve It

Almost every runner is familiar with shin splints, whether they have personally suffered through the condition themselves at one time or another or they have a fellow running buddy who has. Tight shins when running is unfortunately common, particularly among beginner runners, but there are plenty of experienced runners who find themselves battling tight shins … Read more

Hip Pain After Running? Here Are 9 Likely Causes And How To Fix It

One of the most frequent (and irritating) questions that runners field from their non-running friends and family members is, “How do you do all that running without hurting your knees?” Fortunately, despite the common myth that running is bad for your knees, most runners can confidently report that their knees are fine. With that said, … Read more

Foot Pain After Running? 12 Likely Causes And How To Fix It

The foot is one of the most complex structures in the human body. It is an intricate arrangement of 33 joints, 26 bones, and over a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work together to absorb impact forces, support your weight, and propel your body forward when you walk and run. Damage to any of … Read more

5 Causes Of Foot Pain From Running: Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run?

Your feet play a starring role in your running. They withstand force up to three times your body weight with each step and trigger the propulsion that moves you forward. It’s no wonder runners often suffer from foot pain from running.  Your feet are also very complex featuring 26 bones and an intricate network of … Read more

Sore Quads After Running? Here’s Why + 9 Sure Fire Ways To Solve It

There’s something so exhilarating about finishing a good run. Whether you’re a beginner and it’s one of the first times you’ve run a mile or two without stopping or you’ve been running for years but have just completed a challenging workout that indicates you’re in PR shape, the final steps of a great run are … Read more

Pain On the Top of Your Foot? 5 Common Causes + Helpful Tips

There are few things more frustrating to runners than injuries. Just when everything seems to be clicking with your training and you’re crushing your workouts, a niggle crops up, threatening to sideline you.  From knee pain to shin splints, there are numerous common running injuries, and studies show that up to 79.3% of runners deal … Read more

Sore Hamstrings After Running? 6 Possible Causes + Solutions 

Some runners contest that it’s satisfying to feel some muscle soreness after running, as it can be an indication that their workout was challenging and that they will get stronger from the run.  However, muscle soreness after running that is more moderate than mild, occurs frequently, or inhibits your next run can be problematic. One … Read more

Tight Hamstrings? Here’s Why + 3 Poses For A Deep Yoga Hamstring Stretch

Tight hamstrings? You’re in the right place. For most of us, tight hamstrings aren’t a life sentence. By incorporating certain lifestyle changes along with some yoga hamstring stretches, you’ll be on the right path to supple hamstrings. In this article we are going to cover: What the hamstrings are How to know if your hamsrtrings are … Read more

Bruised Toenail From Running? Here Are The Causes + What To Do

Picture this: It’s a Sunday morning and you’ve just finished your 16-mile long run on your marathon training plan. As you remove your trusty running shoes, you see it—a blood-stained portion of your sock surrounding your big toe. You gasp at the sight, as you were unaware of any trouble, and as you peel away … Read more

5 Ways to Prevent And Treat Runner’s Toe: Get Back Running

Marathon runners often complain of runner’s toe. Some even do so with even a sense of pride, like a rite of passage. It’s one of the most common running injuries out there. What is runner’s toe? Also called runner’s toenail, runner’s toe is a condition where the area under and around the toenail begins to … Read more