Why Do My Ankles Hurt When I Run? 5 Possible Causes + Simple Fixes

Did you know that the average runner takes 1700 steps every mile? Multiply that by however many miles you’re running, and it’s easy to appreciate the hard work our ankles do for us. According to a 2015 meta-review, the incidence of ankle-related running injuries varies between 3.9% – 16.6%. Many of us have asked ourselves, why do my … Read more

Tight Leg Muscles? Here’s Why + 10 Ways To Loosen Tight Muscles

Perhaps you are a runner, cyclist, or another athlete who either doesn’t stretch often or stretches with little avail, or perhaps you are someone who doesn’t have time for consistent exercise and has to sit all day at your job. In either scenario, it’s quite common to experience tight leg muscles, and many people complain … Read more

Heel Pain After Running? Here are 10 Possible Causes + How To Fix It

Heel hurts after running? Running injuries can be troublesome, tiresome, and confusing. Particularly when we don’t know what’s causing them. Pain in the heel can be especially confusing, given the intricate overlap of tendons, nerves, and muscles surrounding the area. Today we will break down the most likely causes of heel pain after running and … Read more

Pelvic Pain After Running? 9 Possible Causes + What To Do About It

Running can potentially cause all sorts of lower body injuries, and pain in lower-body joints such as the hips and knees while running is unfortunately rather common. Pelvic pain after running is a less frequent complaint, though certainly something to take seriously, as the pelvis supports the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, and spine, and plays … Read more

Big Toe Pain From Running? Here Are 7 Possible Causes

Runners tend to think about common injuries for large body parts like the knees, hips, and shins, but even an injury to your big toe can have a significant impact on your training. Big toe pain running certainly isn’t as common as injuries to the knees or legs, yet some runners do end up sidelined … Read more

Sore Quads After Running? Here’s Why + 9 Sure Fire Ways To Solve It

There’s something so exhilarating about finishing a good run. Whether you’re a beginner and it’s one of the first times you’ve run a mile or two without stopping or you’ve been running for years but have just completed a challenging workout that indicates you’re in PR shape, the final steps of a great run are … Read more

Pain On the Top of Your Foot? 5 Common Causes + Helpful Tips

There are few things more frustrating to runners than injuries. Just when everything seems to be clicking with your training and you’re crushing your workouts, a niggle crops up, threatening to sideline you.  From knee pain to shin splints, there are numerous common running injuries, and studies show that up to 79.3% of runners deal … Read more

Sore Hamstrings After Running? 6 Possible Causes + Solutions 

Some runners contest that it’s satisfying to feel some muscle soreness after running, as it can be an indication that their workout was challenging and that they will get stronger from the run.  However, muscle soreness after running that is more moderate than mild, occurs frequently, or inhibits your next run can be problematic. One … Read more