Can You Run On A Torn Meniscus? Expert Recovery + Rehab Tips

Are you experiencing knee pain while running? Knee pain is the single largest complaint for us runners, accounting for over 27% of all running injuries. Knee pain is usually down to conditions such as ITB Syndrome or Runner’s Knee, but today we will be looking at meniscal tears. There are many reasons why a meniscus tear … Read more

Plantar Fasciitis So Bad I Can’t Walk: Expert Advice On What You Need To Do

Plantar Fasciitis for runners can be extremely painful, in some cases, leaving you unable to walk. In severe cases, it can lead to months of pain and time off from running. If you’re worried that you may have developed the infamous plantar fasciitis, don’t worry. Incidence rates of plantar fasciitis for runners range anywhere between … Read more

Here Are The 7 Most Common Running Injuries + How To Treat Them

Running injuries are extremely common; in fact, a mind-boggling 50% of runners get injured each year, according to Yale Medicine. Getting injured as a runner can be incredibly demoralizing. It can stop our training in its tracks and grind to a halt any momentum we had. The good news is most injuries are preventable. When certain … Read more

Psoas Muscle Release: A Complete How-To Guide, By A Sports Therapist

A tight psoas muscle can really hinder your training, knock your confidence, and eventually lead to injury. During the running cycle, repetitive flexing of the hip can cause the psoas to become overworked and stiff, and sore. Understanding the possible root causes that are aggravating your tight psoas muscle is crucial in effectively treating and … Read more

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs? The 4 Likely Causes + How To Fix It

If you are experiencing knee pain going down stairs, you are not alone; it is a common ailment that runners suffer from. As a runner, you are likely to have had a knee injury yourself or know someone who has at some point. In fact, research shows that knee injuries account for a staggering 50% of all … Read more

Tight Hips? How To Stretch Hip Flexors For Improved Flexibility

Stiff hips are a common complaint among runners. Repetitive flexing of your hip during the running cycle can cause these muscles to become overworked, sore, and stiff. In extreme cases, it may result in an injury, cutting your run short. Even mild cases can leave you hobbling out of bed the day after a long … Read more

Pain Behind The Knee? 6 Common Causes + Effective Treatments

Knee injuries are prevalent but, in most cases, largely preventable. So prevalent, in fact, that research shows that knee injuries make up a whopping 50% of all running injuries. You may have heard of runner’s knee, IT band syndrome, and patellar tendonitis, but what about posterior knee pain? Pain in the back of the knee … Read more

Peroneal Tendonitis For Runners: Causes, Prevention, + Treatment

Peroneal tendonitis is a common ankle injury among endurance runners but doesn’t get the same attention as other better-known running ailments such as Runner’s Knee or Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Peroneal tendonitis is often categorized by pain or discomfort present along the outside of the ankle, heel, and foot, with an incidence rate estimated at around 0.6%. … Read more

Calf Pain From Running? 2 Likely Causes + An Effective Treatment Plan

Most runners have experienced some form of calf pain from running. Whether it’s a strain, tear, cramp, or just tightness, calf pain can be quite debilitating. Calf pain is often categorized by pain or discomfort in the gastrocnemius, soleus, or plantaris muscle and can happen during or after running. Calf pain while running is common, … Read more

Can I Run With A Hamstring Strain? + How To Recover Properly

Are you experiencing hamstring pain while running? A hamstring strain is not as common as other running injuries, such as ITB Syndrome or Runner’s Knee, but still boasts a high prevalence amongst athletes who run. A hamstring strain can occur due to direct trauma to an area or, like most running injuries, when your training demands … Read more

Shoulder Pain When Running: 4 Common Injuries + Prevention Tips 

Aches and pains seem to come and go as you run, but usually, you don’t expect them in your upper body. However, shoulder pain when running is more common than you might think. After all, running is a full-body movement, and when you’re running, you’re not only engaging your legs but also activating your arms and … Read more

Groin Pain From Running? 7 Possible Causes + Effective Treatment

Groin pain from running can be difficult to diagnose due to the intricate biomechanical nature of the area. As a result, many runners with groin pain simply assume they have a mild strain and keep running.

There are several potential causes of groin pain, from running from a pulled muscle to arthritis, and the key to treating the injury is to properly identify the problem.

Why Do My Ankles Hurt When I Run? 5 Possible Causes + Simple Fixes

Did you know that the average runner takes 1700 steps every mile? Multiply that by however many miles you’re running, and it’s easy to appreciate the hard work our ankles do for us. According to a 2015 meta-review, the incidence of ankle-related running injuries varies between 3.9% – 16.6%. Many of us have asked ourselves, why do my … Read more