The Foot Stress Fracture Test: Causes, Symptoms + Treatment

A stress fracture in your foot is one of the most problematic injuries a runner can face. Although it may not necessarily last as long as other injuries, such as Plantar Fasciitis, ITB Syndrome, or Runner’s Knee, it is still a serious injury that needs to be addressed. There are many reasons why a foot stress fracture can occur, … Read more

Can Plantar Fasciitis Cause Knee Pain?

Have you been suffering from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, or both? Plantar fasciitis is a common issue for runners, with occurrence rates ranging from 4.5% to 10% annually; it accounts for around 8% of all running injuries. It’s a disruptive injury that can derail training and routines, with the discomfort being persistent and easily aggravated. Although … Read more

How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis In One Week, Is It Possible? + 4 Effective Treatments

Running is usually an exhilarating and freeing experience, but when you’re afflicted with plantar fasciitis pain, it can quickly rob you of the joy of hitting the trails. Plantar fasciitis is a common condition, so common in fact that it accounts for around 8% of all running injuries. At the beginning of a run, you … Read more

How To Speed Up Muscle Strain Recovery In 5 Proven Steps

Running injuries are common and frustrating; they can drag on for longer than needed. You want to lace up your shoes, but a muscle strain is holding you back. How long your recovery period will take is based on a lot of factors, and active participation in a solid rehabilitation routine will likely improve your … Read more

Does Strength Training Actually Reduce Running Injury Risk?

Who doesn’t love the freedom and joy that running brings to their life? For many of us, running acts as a lifeline for physical and emotional well-being. Running has a profound ability to clear one’s mind, boost their mood, and bring a sense of accomplishment with every stride. Many runners experience injuries, such as stress … Read more

Can You Run On A Torn Meniscus? Expert Recovery + Rehab Tips

Are you experiencing knee pain while running? Knee pain is the single largest complaint for us runners, accounting for over 27% of all running injuries. Knee pain is usually down to conditions such as ITB Syndrome or Runner’s Knee, but today we will be looking at meniscal tears. There are many reasons why a meniscus tear … Read more

Stress Fracture Guide: How Long Does A Stress Fracture Take To Heal?

Encountering a stress fracture can be one of the most daunting challenges for any runner. Luckily, rehab for a stress fracture can often be more straightforward than other problematic injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, ITB Syndrome, or Runner’s Knee. Nevertheless, a stress fracture still requires serious attention and treatment. Numerous factors can lead to the … Read more

Does RICE Actually Work? Reviewing What The Latest Science Says

Rehabilitation of running injuries is often complex.  Nevertheless, the first port of call you will hear about if you find yourself injured is the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) protocol. It has been the gold standard treatment protocol for decades, utilized by coaches and healthcare providers with the intent of expediting the recovery process and … Read more

Plantar Fasciitis So Bad I Can’t Walk: Expert Advice On What You Need To Do

Plantar Fasciitis for runners can be extremely painful, in some cases, leaving you unable to walk. In severe cases, it can lead to months of pain and time off from running. If you’re worried that you may have developed the infamous plantar fasciitis, don’t worry. Incidence rates of plantar fasciitis for runners range anywhere between … Read more

6 Instances To Avoid Using Percussion Massage Guns

Massage guns are all the rage nowadays. Everywhere you look, a suave-looking athlete on Instagram is swearing by them. There are many possible benefits of using a massage gun, such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness. If you run regularly, you may be tempted to pick one up yourself and … Read more

Here Are The 7 Most Common Running Injuries + How To Treat Them

Running injuries are extremely common; in fact, a mind-boggling 50% of runners get injured each year, according to Yale Medicine. Getting injured as a runner can be incredibly demoralizing. It can stop our training in its tracks and grind to a halt any momentum we had. The good news is most injuries are preventable. When certain … Read more