5 Valuable Life Lessons You Learn From Marathon Running

Training for a marathon, and then running 26.2 miles, is as much a mental journey as it is a physical one. It can be gruelling and unrewarding, then euphoric and life-affirming all within the same single run. In many ways, marathons are a great metaphor for life: it’s long, there’s often discomfort, but perseverance and … Read more

How The Ugandans Train For a Marathon

In this post, endurance athlete and coach Mark Callaghan shares his experiences training in Uganda, and how the runners there train for a marathon. Mark is involved with Run Kapchorwa, a running tourism project which supports and promotes community sport development. East African athletes have dominated the endurance running scene since the 1990’s. Kenyan and … Read more

The Post-Marathon Blues

Completing a big challenge such as a marathon is a huge accomplishment, but can often be followed by a feeling a bit low. Let’s look at what causes the Post-Marathon Blues, and what active steps you can take to avoid them affecting you too much after your big day. Buzz Aldrin was the second person … Read more