What You Need To Bring To A Marathon

Remembering everything to take with you on the day of your marathon can be a tough task.   In between the nerves and the last-minute checks, it is easy to overlook a part of your marathon gear. This post is all about everything you either need for a marathon or should at least consider taking.   Some … Read more

Why Marathon Pace Is So Important

Running the right pace in a marathon is critical to a successful finish.    But so many people get marathon pacing all wrong – they don’t have a plan, they go out too fast and they crash and burn.   Here, I unfold the reasons why your marathon pace is so important, and figure out how … Read more

How To Run a Marathon In Six Steps

Running a marathon is a mammoth task.  With so much training and things to consider, it is easy to forget crucial things or be under-prepared in one element.  In this post, I’ve boiled down the essential points required to run a marathon into six steps. Last week I covered the essentials of marathon preparation.  Today … Read more