Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Plans And Methodology, Reviewed

When I trained for my first marathon back in 2009, I actually downloaded and used one of the free Hal Higdon marathon training plans even though I was already a USATF-certified running coach at the time. The Hal Higdon marathon training plans have long earned a reputation as being approachable, and sound, and many are … Read more

The 8 Best Marathon Strength Training Exercises For Performance

You have undoubtedly heard that when training for a marathon, half-marathon, or any short or long distance for that matter, it is imperative to strength train if you want to achieve great results, build strength, run faster, stay healthy, and aid in injury prevention.  As a certified running coach, I am a huge advocate for … Read more

10 Marathon Tips For Beginners: How To Train For A Successful Race

Training for your first marathon can often feel overwhelming. Running 26.2 miles is quite a feat, and taking on this challenge requires hard work, time, and dedication. But trust us, it’s always worth it in the end!  Marathon training for beginners can be approached in a couple of different ways. Jumping in and just winging … Read more

The Marathon Relay, Explained: 5 Steps To Marathon Relay Success

Running a marathon is a super impressive feat that many runners eventually strive for, but not everyone is interested in running a full marathon nor feels up to the challenge yet. In these cases, running a marathon relay can be an awesome way to take part in the marathon running experience without having to complete … Read more

Marathon Pacers Explained: Pros And Cons Of Running With A Pacer

If you’ve ever run a large half marathon or marathon, you might have noticed runners decked out in official kit carrying signs with different projected finish times. You might see a crowd of fellow racers milling about in the general vicinity of the sign holder while waiting for the race to start and cavorting together … Read more

The Ultimate Marathon Checklist: All You Need To Know To Succeed

You’ve trained for months, rearranged, upended your life, and said no to late nights for early morning miles. Now is not the time to get lax with planning and training by not packing correctly for your marathon. We are here to help with your Ultimate Pre-race Marathon Checklist and all of your marathon day essentials! … Read more

9 Tips For Marathon Training On A Treadmill

Training for a marathon almost entirely on a treadmill likely sounds extremely unappealing — if not nearly unfathomable — to many runners. After all, the treadmill has earned its now-familiar nickname, the “dreadmill.” Even if this tongue-in-cheek moniker is said mostly in jest, the undeniable fact is that many runners find running on the treadmill … Read more

Marathon Training: How Long Should Your Longest Long Run Be?

The long run is the hallmark of a marathon training plan. It is the most important training run for marathoners in their training block, ending with the longest long run.  The longest long run caps a marathon training block and marks the end of rigorous training in favor of a marathon taper which allows for … Read more

What’s The Optimal Marathon Taper Length?

A new study reveals that most marathon runners aren’t tapering for their marathons correctly and are hurting their marathon performance as a result. So, what’s the optimal marathon taper length? That’s what we are here to find out by delving into the research and talking with experienced running coaches.  Chances are many recreational runners do … Read more

Injured Before Your Marathon? Here’s How to Respond

It is every marathoner’s worst nightmare: you put in all the hard work and sacrifice to train for your race and then become injured before your marathon.  Then the questions swirl and the bargaining begins. Can you still run your marathon? Maybe you can run if you ditch your A goal? Maybe you can pick … Read more