The 8 Best Marathon Strength Training Exercises For Performance

You have undoubtedly heard that when training for a marathon, half-marathon, or any short or long distance for that matter, it is imperative to strength train if you want to achieve great results, build strength, run faster, stay healthy, and aid in injury prevention.  As a certified running coach, I am a huge advocate for … Read more

Post Marathon Recovery: 13 Expert Tips For A Fast Recuperation

Whether it’s your first marathon or you have enough marathon finisher’s medals to line an entire wall, your body needs to recover any time you finish a marathon. In fact, some running coaches call the marathon recovery period the 27th mile of the race to show how it’s an integral part of the marathon experience … Read more

The Marathon Relay, Explained: 5 Steps To Marathon Relay Success

Running a marathon is a super impressive feat that many runners eventually strive for, but not everyone is interested in running a full marathon nor feels up to the challenge yet. In these cases, running a marathon relay can be an awesome way to take part in the marathon running experience without having to complete … Read more

The Magic Mile Calculator: How To Calculate Your Run Walk Pace

As a certified running coach, one of the most common questions runners ask me is: “How fast should I be running?” Generally, for runners following a training plan to prepare for a race, this question is looking for advice for their race pace or an anticipated finish time based on their current fitness level. Beginners … Read more

MAF Method: Here’s How The Maffetone Method Of Moderate Running Works

I first learned about the Maffetone Method long before I became a running coach, but rather in my own competitive running career when I was interested in trying heart rate training. The Maffetone Method, often referred to as the MAF Method for short, is considered low heart rate training, meaning that all your aerobic-based building … Read more

9 Tips For Marathon Training On A Treadmill

Training for a marathon almost entirely on a treadmill likely sounds extremely unappealing — if not nearly unfathomable — to many runners. After all, the treadmill has earned its now-familiar nickname, the “dreadmill.” Even if this tongue-in-cheek moniker is said mostly in jest, the undeniable fact is that many runners find treadmill running to be … Read more

Marathon Interval Training: How To Add It To Your Marathon Prep

Adding interval training to your marathon training plan is one of the best ways to improve your fitness level and prepare for your marathon race, even for beginners. Experienced runners trying to improve their marathon time or who have a specific goal time for a race day should certainly consider adding marathon interval training workouts … Read more

The Marathon Long Run: Essential Guide + Variations To Try

The marathon long run is arguably the primary differentiating factor between a marathon training program and training for a shorter race, such as a 5k, 10k, or even half marathon. Because the full marathon distance is a whopping 26.2 miles or 42.16 km, runners must build up their aerobic endurance to handle the marathon on … Read more