6 Tips For Running A Marathon when Undertrained and Underprepared

Feeling undertrained and underprepared for an upcoming marathon? We’ve all been there. For most novice and amateur runners in the world, the lead-up to a race can be nerve-racking and full of doubt. If you’re panicking that you’re not ready for an impending marathon, and are looking for some tricks and tools last minute, then … Read more

MAF Method Guide: How The Maffetone Method Of Moderate Running Works

In the spring of 2020, I was beginning to build my mileage for a fall ultramarathon.  I had tried to build my mileage up in the past but found myself nursing injuries after spending a few weeks above 50 miles. Doing some research on different training for marathons and ultramarathons, I came across Phil Maffetone … Read more

Marathon Training Burnout: How to Regain Your Motivation

Training for a marathon is a GRIND. It is months of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. And many runners may find themselves suffering from marathon training burnout. They may be dreading runs and questioning why they even set the goal of running 26.2 miles. In this article, we’ll look at: So if you’re feeling tired, … Read more

Marathon Pace Guide: How To Determine It + Race Pace Strategy

While preparing for any race, part of your training plan should incorporate workouts that include your goal race pace. If you are going to run a 100-miler, you’ll work at a more comfortable, easy pace during long runs, whereas when training for a marathon, you’ll train chunks of kilometers at your calculated marathon pace.  In … Read more

The 12 Rules of Marathon Training

Marathon training can be approached in thousands of different ways – but by following these tried-and-tested rules, you can optimise your training journey and maximise your chances of marathon success! Having now worked with thousands of marathon runners (and crossed a few finish lines myself), I’ve spent a lot of time guiding people through the … Read more

Essential Guide To Training For Your First Marathon (+ Training Plans)

Here’s my guide to preparation and training for your first-ever marathon – including marathon training plans, pace advice and gear info . . . Your First Marathon Running your first marathon is life changing. In order to get to that fabled finish line, you first have to commit to a huge amount of training and … Read more

The Marathon Long Run: Training Guide

The Marathon Long Run is a core part of any marathon training plan. Just as the name suggests, Long Runs are training runs that are longer than regular runs.    They are your opportunity to increase your maximum mileage as the marathon draws near, and are usually done at a slow, comfortable pace. Long runs are … Read more

Marathon Training Motivation – 15 Ways To Stay Engaged in your Training

In this post, I share 15 different marathon training motivation tips!   Hey guys, Staying motivated during marathon training can be one of the biggest challenges you face. When you’re running for several hours each week, your willpower can fail long before your legs do! With this in mind, I’ve compiled 15 expert tips from other running coaches, our … Read more

How Eliud Kipchoge Trains for a Marathon

Ever wondered how Eliud Kipchoge trains for a marathon? After setting a new world record for the marathon in Berlin last year, there can be little argument that Eliud Kipchoge is the greatest marathon runner the world has ever seen. When Eliud ran a 2:01:39 at the Berlin Marathon in 2018, he beat the previous record by … Read more

Six Last Minute Marathon Tips

Is your marathon looming, and you’re looking for some last minute marathon tips? It can be easy in these final few weeks to get excited about your marathon, and do something rash or make a change to your routine that ends up having a negative effect on your marathon! So how is the best way to spend … Read more

The 3 Biggest Marathon Mistakes

Marathon runners have a wealth of information available to them for their marathon training and running of the actual event. However many marathon runners, especially first – timers, commit fatal errors which can really hinder their marathon performance.  (I’m talking from experience here). are the top mistakes made by marathon runners: Mistake #1:  Screwing Up … Read more

Marathon Interval Training

Interval training is a key tool in any good marathon runner’s toolbox. It is a super-effective form of speed work, based around the idea of running in several short, fast bursts, with slower recovery intervals in-between. There are many different forms of interval training, such as Fartleks, Yasso 800s, HIIT, hill sprints, and dozens of … Read more