7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners

Hey guys, Do you ever find yourself lacking in running motivation when you’re getting ready to go for a run? Suddenly the sofa seems much more tempting, you find yourself surfing Youtube, you remember you still have to do the dishes . . .  It happens to all of us – we all go through … Read more

How To Choose Running Shorts

Running shorts.  Every runner needs a pair, and while you can usually get away with any old pair of shorts when you start out, once you start doing long distance runs it’s a good idea to invest in a dedicated pair of running shorts. This article looks are what to consider in terms of short … Read more

How To Prepare For Running At Altitude

Running at altitude comes with it’s own set of rules.  Altitude affects runners in different ways – shortness of breath is common, and dizziness or nausea are possible.  Older runners tend to get affected easier than younger.    Some runners are interested in training to run races at high altitude, while others use altitude training … Read more