Legs Feel Heavy When Running? Here Are 7 Reasons Why + How To Fix It

Why do my legs feel heavy when running? There’s nothing worse than strapping on your running shoes early in the morning, convincing yourself you’ll feel healthy and empowered once you get started…only to suffer from tired and heavy legs throughout the run.  At first, you might think it’s because you’re tired or you’ve ‘fallen off … Read more

DOMS Explained: A Runner’s Guide To Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

Most every long-distance runner has experienced DOMS, or delayed-onset muscle soreness: they run a race such as a half marathon or marathon and they don’t have much muscle soreness the next day. They wonder, maybe they could have gone faster, pushed harder? Maybe they are invincible superheroes? Then a day or so later, reality strikes: … Read more

Chafing and Running: How to Prevent it and Deal with it

Chafing and running is a number one complaint among athletes, especially long-distance runners. And there is no question why. Chafing can be crippling for a runner. There are two types of chafing: skin-on-skin and fabric-on-skin. Skin-on-skin chafing is where your thighs or underarms rub together. Fabric-on-skin is when your shirt, sports bra, or bottoms rub … Read more

Runner’s Itch: Why You Have It and How to Get Rid of It

Runner’s itch is, unfortunately, one of these uncomfortable sensations we sometimes come across while running.  Running is one of the best things you can do for your body. It is a complex, full-body movement that has so many physical and mental benefits. But in some cases, running can have side effects that we have to … Read more

Running with Hemorrhoids: How to Treat Hemorrhoids for Runners

Running with hemorrhoids is just one of the bodily ailments that many a runner goes through during their running career.  The longer the distances you run, the greater the impact on your body. It’s no secret that funky little oddities will pop up during different seasons of running. Many runners have been known to deal … Read more

Headache After Running? 4 Main Causes of Headaches When Running

Do you occasionally suffer from a headache after running? When you get done with a run, you should feel accomplished, not dealing with a nagging headache. These headaches are not uncommon, but they can be frustrating after a solid run.  Avoiding these headaches after a run is important for all runners, whether it happens after … Read more

Runner’s Feet: The 5 Most Common Injuries, and Foot Care For Runners

Injury prevention for runner’s feet doesn’t start and end with good shoes. There’s so much more you can do.  Sure, the right running shoes are hugely important. As the only thing between you and the unforgiving ground, they need to be built to take a pounding.  But if that were all it took to keep … Read more

Runner’s Diarrhea: How to Soothe Your System and Get Back to Running

Runner’s diarrhea. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about while prepping for your next marathon.  It can happen to anyone, and for distance and marathon runners, often does.  Dr. Amy Oxentenko, a gastroenterologist and professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, defines this unfortunate experience as, “a change in stool form (looser or … Read more

5 Ways to Prevent And Treat Runner’s Toe: Get Back Running

Marathon runners often complain of runner’s toe. Some even do so with even a sense of pride, like a rite of passage. It’s one of the most common running injuries out there. What is runner’s toe? Also called runner’s toenail, runner’s toe is a condition where the area under and around the toenail begins to … Read more

Runner’s Nipple: Symptoms, Treatments, and How to Get Rid of It For Good

Runner’s nipple is something that crops up in many joggers’ training routines – after a period of jogging or running, you start to feel your nipple getting sensitive and chafing. Sometimes it can even lead to bleeding nipples as the chafing worsens and irritates the skin. It’s a horrible sensation to have to deal with … Read more

Overtraining – Here Are The 8 Signs and 7 Strategies To Beat It

Overtraining is a real risk for athletes, both professional and weekend warriors. For most of us, trying to fit in your running training around your work, family, and other commitments can be very challenging. Unfortunately, this can lead to some runners searching for shortcuts to improvements in their fitness and perhaps consistently choosing fast interval … Read more

My Story of Overtraining

In 2018, Mark Callaghan embarked on a wild journey of running all six World Marathon Majors, followed by the Comrades 89km ultramarathon.   In this guest blog, he recounts the story of a year of travelling the world running – and the running overtraining issues he faced in running back-to-back events. He talks about the unexpected … Read more