Running Heart Rate Guide + How To Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones

As a certified running coach, I use various run training methods with my athletes, such as RPE (rate of perceived exertion), specific paces in minutes per kilometer or mile (calculated after a speed test like a 3K or 5K), and target heart rate zones. Each method has pros and cons, and choosing which to use … Read more

What Is VO2 Max? How To Measure And Improve Your VO2 Max

Chances are, if you’ve been running for a while or have been involved in any type of endurance sport, you’ve heard the term “VO2 max” before. VO2 max is often referred to in fitness circles but is poorly understood, especially if you’re a beginner at exercising. However, VO2 max values are the gold standard of … Read more

Expert Coaches Examine ChatGPT’s Ability To Create Running Training Plans

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) marvel that has swept the world in the past year, has emerged as a potential tool for runners seeking to optimize their training plans. Can this digital coach go the extra mile, or will it just hit the wall? The growing potential of AI goes beyond just having interesting conversations; … Read more

Do Compression Sleeves Work? The Science Behind Them

You don’t have to break the tape at a big marathon or even your weekly local 5K to want to run faster. Runners of any level are usually interested in improving their performance and making running feel that much better. Some runners consider supplements like caffeine or a pre-workout drink, others try the latest footwear … Read more

Does Running Damage or Strengthen Your Bones? New Research May Answer This Enduring Question

For decades, we have heard that running is bad for your knees. However, recent research reveals promising news for the running community, suggesting that running might actually strengthen our bones. But what does this mean for our long-term bone health, particularly regarding conditions like osteoporosis, which weakens bones and increases the risks of fractures, especially … Read more

What’s A Good Vertical Oscillation When Running? + 5 Form Mistakes You May Be Making

Vertical oscillation running is an aspect of the running stride and your running technique that can affect your running efficiency and speed. It’s the distance your body travels up and down as you run, and it can tell you a lot about your running form and even your likelihood of future injury! A good vertical … Read more

Does Height Affect Running Speed? Here’s Why It Doesn’t

For many sports, height can have a major impact on your potential success. For example, the average height of NBA basketball players certainly exceeds the average height for men outside of the professional basketball arena. Volleyball players also tend to be quite tall whereas professional jockeys for horse racing are usually shorter people with a … Read more

Heart Rate Training Zones for Runners: Complete Guide

With all of the training methods out there, trying to figure out which one to use, pace training, rate of perceived exertion, or heart rate training, can become overwhelming. What’s the right method? That’s the million-dollar question right there.  As a running coach and ultra-runner, utilizing heart rate data for both myself and my clients … Read more

Does Training In Carbon Plated Shoes Increase Your Injury Risk?

Carbon plated shoes have been at the forefront of the running community ever since marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge first attempted his sub-two-hour marathon in 2017 in a pair of the famed “super shoes.” Since then, recreational runners, semi-professionals, and professionals have all flocked to get a piece of the marginal gains pie, with the large shoe companies … Read more