The Ultimate Guide to Recovery Runs

Recovery runs are an awesome – and often-overlooked – tool in any runner’s arsenal of possible training sessions. When focusing on performance, especially when training for events like the marathon, it’s easy to feel that each training run needs to be done at a high intensity to move the needle forward continuously. But recovery runs … Read more

Threshold Run Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Runners love their jargon. From DOMS to bonking, VO2 max to strides, there is undoubtedly a rich running vernacular, and knowing how to properly use the terms—both in conversation and in training practice—can help you feel like a real runner. While not every term that could be in a running glossary is necessarily one you … Read more

The Game-Changing Magic Of Hill Running + 8 Tough Hill Workouts

Incorporating uphill running into your training program will improve your running performance, speed, endurance, and running economy. I know quite a few runners who try to avoid hill running, and for good reason: it’s hard! I would be lying if I didn’t share that I always feel a bit anxious before my hill workouts. I … Read more

What Is A Tempo Run? + Why You Should Add Them To Your Training

Tempo runs, or threshold runs, are a staple in any runner’s training program, from 5K training plans to half marathon and marathon training plans, and are used primarily to improve speed and endurance. Now, these speed workouts aren’t easy and are actually quite uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. But they are my also favorite. … Read more

HIIT Running Workouts: Improve Your Speed With These Intense Sessions

HIIT running workouts (HIIT = high-intensity interval training) are perfect for runners of all levels who want to step up their fitness level, focus on weight loss or fat loss, or become faster and stronger runners.  HIIT workouts are intense exercise sessions involving all-out bursts of physical activity with recovery periods. You can do HIIT … Read more

What Is Steady State Cardio? Our Complete Guide

In recent years, high-intensity interval training has garnered all the attention.  From Tabata sprints to HIIT spin classes, many of the workouts everyone buzzes about involve going full-out for short sprints and then recovering many times over. And while it’s undeniable that HIIT has many fantastic health and fitness benefits such as improving your VO2 … Read more

How To Perform Hill Sprints: Every Runner’s Secret Weapon

Running hill sprints is like strapping a stick of dynamite to a regular speed workout – not only are you doing sprint intervals, but you’re combining that with hill work. It’s a totally different training workout for most of us distance runners. While we are typically accustomed to steady-state, low-to-mid exertion level running, hill sprints … Read more

Here’s How To Do Lactate Threshold Training (And What It Actually Is)

There are probably at least a dozen different types of running workouts distance runners can incorporate into their training plans to improve their top speed, running economy, and biomechanics. One of the most popular and effective types of workouts for distance runners and endurance athletes is lactate threshold training. But, what is lactate threshold training? … Read more

Zone 3 Training + Avoiding The Grey Zone of Junk Miles

Perhaps one of the most counterintuitive things about running is that you often need to run slower to actually run faster and improve your performance. Many endurance athletes end up in the “gray zone,” described as Zone 3 training, which can ultimately inhibit potential improvements. Zone 3 running or training refers to running, or performing … Read more

Fartlek Training For Runners: How To Use Fartleks To Get Faster

Fartlek runs are the perfect alternative to high-intensity running workouts and have some of the very same benefits as other speed work sessions, such as classic track work like 400s, 800sm mile repeats, or threshold runs. However, Fartleks are less formalized and more approachable for beginners or those who are new to following a structured … Read more

The Ultimate LSD Run Guide: Long Slow Distance Running, Explained

One of the great ironies in running is the concept of running slow to get faster.  Sure, it’s easy to understand how speed workouts, strides, hill sprints, and tempo runs can help you run faster over time, but the same can’t really be said about doing really slow runs at a jogging pace. It’s just … Read more

Kenyan Hills: Your New Favorite Speed Workout

Hill workouts should have a place in most runners’ training programs as their importance to performance cannot be underestimated. Most of us have heard of traditional hill workouts, but what about Kenyan Hills? The increase in specific leg strength that hills develop will make an athlete more efficient as their running economy improves. Research suggests … Read more

Mile Repeats Workout Guide + 6 Pro Tips

Mile repeats are one of the most versatile and effective workouts for runners. Indeed, part of the magic of mile repeats is the fact that runners racing nearly any distance can benefit from this solid workout session.  By manipulating the number of reps, intensity, recovery intervals, and the terrain, runners can use mile repeats to … Read more