High School Cross Country Duo Mistaken For Sasquatch

The witness report seemed so convincible that the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization got involved.

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A pair of high school cross-country runners in Washington state unwittingly became the subjects of a suspected Sasquatch sighting when bewildered onlookers mistook them for the legendary creature. 

The amusing case of mistaken identity occurred in February when an unnamed individual, riding his motorcycle with a friend and his son in a remote forested area near Centralia, was startled by what seemed to be a ten-foot-tall Bigfoot-looking figure about half a mile away.

The witness, reporting the incident to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), described the creature as moving across rugged terrain with remarkable fluency and minimal arm movement, resembling nothing like a human running. 

High School Cross Country Duo Mistaken For Sasquatch 1

The BFRO took the report seriously enough to dispatch an investigator, who, based on the description provided, believed the witnesses had indeed encountered a Sasquatch.

News of the alleged sighting reached the local newspaper, The Chronicle, which published a story about the potential Bigfoot sighting. 

However, the mystery quickly unraveled when high school cross-country runner Gunnar Morgan made an unexpected revelation. “That Sasquatch running was me,” he confessed, explaining that he and his cousin frequently ran in the same wilderness area

Reportedly, the fluidity of their running style, combined with their side-by-side presence, likely contributed to the Sasquatch-like appearance.

“My cousin and I are adept cross-country runners and live in the area and run often in that exact wilderness area,” he said to The Chronicle. “The reason we appeared larger than usual is because we were running side-by-side, and we run extremely fluidly compared to most people.”

High School Cross Country Duo Mistaken For Sasquatch 2

Dispelling any notion of a cover-up, Morgan revealed that he had been wearing a GPS watch during their run, which confirmed their presence at the exact spot where the witnesses claimed to have seen the creature. 

At just over six feet tall, Morgan conceded that from a distance, they could have resembled a larger creature. 

“We were running fast and headed for a tree line,” Morgan said to The Chronicle. “I can pinpoint exactly where the motorcyclists must’ve spotted us and where we must’ve been … I stand 6-foot-1, and from a distance, we could be mistaken for a larger creature.

Nonetheless, he found the case of mistaken identity all very funny and finds the attention it’s brought amusing.

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