Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! 1


Just dropping in to say I had my full marathon this weekend!!

When we started running in downpouring rain! I crushed my first half and had a little bit of a slow down around mile 17. I cried at mile 20 and got a fantastic second wind at mile 23 and flew across the finish line.

My knees are still feeling a little hot and the outside of my right foot is in rough shape but, I can’t wait for my next race, I loved it so much!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for supporting me throughout this training journey!! 

Hannah Asfeldt

Breaking the impossible!

Breaking the impossible! 2

“Your lessons were really helpful . . . they greatly helped me to achieve what I thought was impossible.

I cannot describe the euphoria and satisfaction I felt days after running the marathon!”

Kuba Pikus
Marathon Handbook student

Can’t believe I’m a marathon runner…!

Can't believe I'm a marathon runner...! 3

I prepared to the best of my ability, following the training plan and using the Marathon Handbook diet and gear guides.

My race was quite an experience . . . it was already pretty hot, and the weather became very humid.

I started with my heart pounding very heavily, gradually it slowed down. Up to half-way was ok, but after that my head started burning, feeling hot, legs started going . . . but then I reminded myself ok come on . . . you can do it!

hahahaahha! hurray yessss I did it, I made it, I made it… I could not express my feeling, how happy I was, I couldn’t believe myself!

After this I’m still surprised I can call myself a marathon runner!

Ratna Gomes
Dooars Run Safari Marathon

Sub 4-hr marathon success!!!

Sub 4-hr marathon success!!! 4

On signing up to my first marathon I was extremely fortunate to come across Thomas’ 4-hour marathon training schedule, which I tweaked slightly to fit around my travel commitments.

What followed was a weekly e-mail packed full of useful tips which prevented me from making any rookie errors along the way.

One of the most useful tips being to run a consistent pace, which is a strategy I stuck to, finishing the marathon in 3:47 (having aimed for 3:50).

I would certainly recommend Marathon Handbook to anyone – particularly first-time marathoners!

Natasha Floyer
Sydney Marathon

First marathon success!

First marathon success! 5

I’ve just completed my 1st marathon last Sunday, and couldn’t be more proud of myself and also be thankful for the amazing support from Marathon Handbook – which helped me so much!

I had a few issues on race day – my GPS stopped in the middle of the course, and we had some unexpected hills I hadn’t prepared for – but I ran consistently throughout the marathon and luckily didn’t hit the wall!

My finishing time was 4hrs 44min and I’ve already promised to myself get a much better one in the next race!

Samanta Bernard
Marathon Handbook student

Bhutan Marathon Done!

Bhutan Marathon Done! 6

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for your help throughout my marathon training journey!

It really helped me prepare and improve my running technique 🙂

Tshering Penden
Bhutan International Marathon

Half-marathon during marathon training

Half-marathon during marathon training 7

Hey Thomas!

I am following your marathon training program for a 4-hour marathon (20 weeks).

At week 13, I ran a half marathon here in Greece as part of my training.

My finishing time was 1.54.54 official timing – on course to smash the 4-hr marathon!

It’s 7 weeks to my marathon race (Athens Authentic Marathon), let’s do it – thanks for your support so far!

Panagiotis Laskaris
Marathon Handbook student