Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

a marathon runner lady hannah asfeldt with her medal


Just dropping in to say I had my full marathon this weekend!!

When we started running in downpouring rain! I crushed my first half and had a little bit of a slow down around mile 17. I cried at mile 20 and got a fantastic second wind at mile 23 and flew across the finish line.

My knees are still feeling a little hot and the outside of my right foot is in rough shape but, I can’t wait for my next race, I loved it so much!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for supporting me throughout this training journey!! 

Hannah Asfeldt

Breaking the impossible!

a marathon runner drinking his drink

“Your lessons were really helpful . . . they greatly helped me to achieve what I thought was impossible.

I cannot describe the euphoria and satisfaction I felt days after running the marathon!”

Kuba Pikus
Marathon Handbook student

Can’t believe I’m a marathon runner…!

A lady standing on marathon finishing point

I prepared to the best of my ability, following the training plan and using the Marathon Handbook diet and gear guides.

My race was quite an experience . . . it was already pretty hot, and the weather became very humid.

I started with my heart pounding very heavily, gradually it slowed down. Up to half-way was ok, but after that my head started burning, feeling hot, legs started going . . . but then I reminded myself ok come on . . . you can do it!

hahahaahha! hurray yessss I did it, I made it, I made it… I could not express my feeling, how happy I was, I couldn’t believe myself!

After this I’m still surprised I can call myself a marathon runner!

Ratna Gomes
Dooars Run Safari Marathon

Sub 4-hr marathon success!!!

Marathon runners enjoying running near beautiful river side track

On signing up to my first marathon I was extremely fortunate to come across Thomas’ 4-hour marathon training schedule, which I tweaked slightly to fit around my travel commitments.

What followed was a weekly e-mail packed full of useful tips which prevented me from making any rookie errors along the way.

One of the most useful tips being to run a consistent pace, which is a strategy I stuck to, finishing the marathon in 3:47 (having aimed for 3:50).

I would certainly recommend Marathon Handbook to anyone – particularly first-time marathoners!

Natasha Floyer
Sydney Marathon

First marathon success!

a marathon lady showing his medal during running

I’ve just completed my 1st marathon last Sunday, and couldn’t be more proud of myself and also be thankful for the amazing support from Marathon Handbook – which helped me so much!

I had a few issues on race day – my GPS stopped in the middle of the course, and we had some unexpected hills I hadn’t prepared for – but I ran consistently throughout the marathon and luckily didn’t hit the wall!

My finishing time was 4hrs 44min and I’ve already promised to myself get a much better one in the next race!

Samanta Bernard
Marathon Handbook student

Bhutan Marathon Done!

A marathon runner showing his medal

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for your help throughout my marathon training journey!

It really helped me prepare and improve my running technique 🙂

Tshering Penden
Bhutan International Marathon

Half-marathon during marathon training

a photo of a marathon runner with medal in his hand

Hey Thomas!

I am following your marathon training program for a 4-hour marathon (20 weeks).

At week 13, I ran a half marathon here in Greece as part of my training.

My finishing time was 1.54.54 official timing – on course to smash the 4-hr marathon!

It’s 7 weeks to my marathon race (Athens Authentic Marathon), let’s do it – thanks for your support so far!

Panagiotis Laskaris
Marathon Handbook student