Trail Runner Stéphanie Perriard Receives Additional Six-Year Ban After Falsification

Perriard faces total ban of nine years

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Swiss mountain runner Stéphanie Perriard, already under a three-year suspension for doping, has now received an additional six-year ban for falsification, further tarnishing her once-promising career. 

The latest blow to Perriard’s reputation comes as a result of her attempt to manipulate the investigation process, a move that has left the ultra-running community and fans worldwide in disbelief.

The saga began with Perriard’s admission to using and trafficking prohibited substances, including the banned steroid Sustanon, known for its testosterone-increasing and muscle-building properties. 

The initial procedure, conducted by Swiss Sport Integrity, resulted in a three-year suspension and a fine of 120 francs, a slightly more lenient punishment than the typical four-year suspension

However, the story did not end there.

Trail Runner Stéphanie Perriard Receives Additional Six-Year Ban After Falsification 1
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Subsequent revelations from third-party sources raised suspicions of Perriard’s attempts to breach her suspension. 

These suspicions were confirmed when it was discovered that she had actively tried to influence the investigation in her favor, misleading authorities and making false statements along the way. 

This blatant violation of the Anti-Doping Statute, which prohibits the falsification of any element of doping control, triggered an additional ban.

Faced with the mounting evidence against her, Stéphanie Perriard chose to accept a new agreement proposed by Swiss Sports Integrity. 

Under the Anti-Doping Statute, the revised penalty now includes a six-year ban, reduced from seven years, and a more substantial fine of 1,500 Swiss francs. 

This comes in addition to the original three-year suspension, bringing the total ban to a staggering nine years.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the sanctions imposed by Swiss Sport Integrity transcend Perriard’s role as an athlete. 

They apply broadly to all sports activities and extend to other roles, such as coaching. 

Trail Runner Stéphanie Perriard Receives Additional Six-Year Ban After Falsification 2

This underlines the seriousness with which Swiss Sports Integrity addresses violations of the Anti-Doping Statute, ensuring a comprehensive approach to maintaining the integrity of sports across various disciplines.

Stéphanie Perriard’s fall from grace serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards in sports. 

The use of performance-enhancing substances has already marred her athletic legacy, and now, with the additional ban for falsification, she faces an extended exile from the very arena that once celebrated her achievements.

Perriard was once a force in the world of ultra-running. Since 2018, she had taken 5 wins in races under the UTMB brand and has had a number of additional top-ten and podium results.

As the sports world processes this shocking development, the tale of Stéphanie Perriard stands as a cautionary one. 

It reminds us that attempting to manipulate the system jeopardizes careers and undermines the principles that form the foundation of fair and clean competition. 

In the wake of this scandal, the spotlight on anti-doping efforts grows even brighter, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to preserving the integrity of sports at all levels.

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