Is CrossFit Bad For You? 4 Downsides + Unexpected Risks 

While there are many people that fall in love with fitness through CrossFit or see incredible improvements in strength and body composition with CrossFit classes or workouts, there are also plenty of people that have concerns about the safety of CrossFit. Is CrossFit good for you? Is CrossFit bad for you? Is CrossFit dangerous? Whether … Read more

The Ultimate CrossFit Leg Workout: 7 CrossFit Leg Exercises For Power

Plenty of people have an interest in starting CrossFit workouts, but they feel intimidated by stepping foot in a CrossFit gym for the first time. After all, most CrossFit workouts are high-intensity, strenuous workouts that combine cardio, strengthening, metabolic exercises, speed, power, and plyometrics all in one. However, CrossFit can be approachable for beginners, and … Read more