Tough Mudder Vs Spartan Race Compared: 5 Main Differences

Obstacles course races, such as a Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, or Tough Mudder, are a fun way to challenge yourself not just as a runner but also test your overall strength, fitness, and mental and physical grit. Obstacle course races combine running with all sorts of creative and challenging obstacles, such as scaling walls, crawling … Read more

A Complete List Of The 45+ Spartan Race Obstacles With Descriptions 

One of the draws of doing a Spartan Race is the unpredictability of the challenge. Every participant knows that it’s going to be super hard, but exactly what’s in store remains part of the mystery and a big part of the intrigue. Although Spartan racers know how many obstacles they will encounter in the race, … Read more

How To Train for a Spartan Race: Training Guide + 3 Surefire Workouts

Sometimes runners like to add a little flavor to the challenge of running. Enter the Spartan Race, a type of obstacle course race in which competitors must run, lift, climb, crawl, balance, throw, jump, and carry to complete the race distance, and you’ll do just that. Tall walls, heavy objects, mud, barbed wire, and sometimes … Read more