Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot

Deichmann Ran An Ultramarathon Per Day For 100 Days

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In a feat of unparalleled endurance and determination, extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann has once again made headlines in the world of adventure sports by completing a double crossing of the United States, covering over 11,000 kilometers both on bike and foot. 

Embarking on his Trans America Twice project, Deichmann set off from New York on July 29, cycling to Los Angeles on a gravel bike

Upon reaching the City of Angels after a grueling 3 weeks and 5,500 kilometers, he seamlessly transitioned to running shoes, commencing an extraordinary journey back to his starting point in the Big Apple, covering one ultramarathon a day for 100 days.

Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot 1

Deichmann’s expedition, unsupported and laden with his own luggage, carrying everything he needed in a KidRunner.

KidRunner, a high-performing hands-free running stroller, offers a light, fast, and natural way to run with kids. However, in Jonas’ case, his KidRunner was kid-free and instead carried all the equipment he needed for his adventure.

His adventures led him through a diverse tapestry of American landscapes. 

From the sweltering heat of the Mojave Desert with temperatures soaring to 50°C, to the iconic Monument Valley, challenging high-altitude passes in the Rocky Mountains, and the monotonous fields of the Midwest, his route mirrored the vastness and variety of the American terrain.

Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot 2

The adventurer, no stranger to extreme challenges, had previously conquered the major continental crossings by bike, including Eurasia, the Panamericana, and a route from North Cape to Cape Town.

In 2020/21, he achieved the unimaginable – circumnavigating the globe in a triathlon, completing the distance of 120 Ironmans and earning the nickname “German Forrest Gump” during his celebrated run across Mexico.

When asked what the motivation behind completing these unimaginable feats was, his answer was simple.

“The adventure, the experience, the challenge, I love it,” he said, “I get to experience things I’ve never experienced, see things I’ve never seen.”

He also says his family is incredibly supportive of his adventures.

“My family always told me to follow my passion and to do what I love because life is too short, so I am doing what I really want to do.”

Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot 3

For Deichmann, the Trans America Twice project was more than just another record to add to his illustrious resume. 

Having been unable to enter the USA during his triathlon around the world due to border closures, running across the U.S. remained unfinished business

“Running across the USA had been a dream for a long time. To complete it now is just great,” shared Deichmann upon his triumphant return to New York.

The challenges encountered during this endeavor were nothing short of extraordinary. 

Physically, the Mojave Desert tested Deichmann’s limits with scorching temperatures, leading to a significant loss of body weight. 

Mentally, the endless straight roads through cornfields in the Midwest, with extreme monotony for weeks, presented a unique set of challenges that pushed the adventurer to his mental boundaries.

Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot 4

In his journey through diverse climates and terrains, Deichmann not only sought personal accomplishment but also aimed to make a positive impact on the world. 

Raising funds for World Bicycle Relief and supporting children in Africa, his philanthropic efforts continued through this project. The book and film titled “Crossing America” about the Trans America Twice project are set to release in December, offering a detailed account of this epic journey.

As Deichmann reflects on his achievements, he emphasizes the importance of overcoming physical and mental obstacles

His Trans America Twice project stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of human endurance, pushing boundaries while contributing to a noble cause. 

Trans America Twice: Adventurer Jonas Deichmann Covers 11,000 KM By Bike And Foot 5

As Diechmann continues to inspire countless people around the world, he shares a simple thought to help people start doing the things they’ve dreamed of.

“Just do it and do it now,” he said, “It is easy to stay in your comfort zone, and there will never be a perfect time. Just getting to the start is the hardest part.”

As for what’s coming next the adventurer, he has yet to reveal. While he is enjoying some time to recover back in Germany and Switzerland, he said that his next adventure will be “the most challenging one yet.”

Jonas Deichmann, the relentless adventurer, has once again left an indelible mark on the world of extreme sports and philanthropy.

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