The Best Walking Team Names: Over 150 To Choose From!

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Studies suggest that over 115 million people walk for fitness in the United States alone, meaning that if you are trying to form a team of walkers, you should have a huge pool of people to choose from.

If you are putting together a walking team, whether for general fitness or for a special relay event or charity walk, one of the most fun parts is coming up with possible walking team names. 

It can be surprisingly difficult to come up with catchy and unique team names for walkers or team names for walks that you’re going to do as a group.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of funny walking team names and some other more serious and varied team names for walkers to give you some ideas for what to call your own group.

We will cover: 

  • What Makes a Good Walking Team Name?
  • Ideas for Fun Walking Team Names
  • How to Come Up With Creative Walking Team Names

Let’s get started!

A walking team huddled up.

What Makes a Good Walking Team Name?

Good walking team names encapsulate the personality and vibe of the team members and are easy to remember and understand.

It can also be good to come up with funny walking team names or team names for walkers that describe the goals of the group or favorite (or least favorite!) parts of the sport.

There certainly aren’t any official rules regarding what a walking team name has to include unless you’re forming a team for some sort of official organization that has its own stipulations. 

The best team names for walkers are catchy, memorable, and something the team members feel proud about or connected to.

The name could refer to the benefits of walking, the culture and personality of the group of walkers (perhaps you are all moms, or all living with diabetes and working on your health, are all teachers, or all work for the fire station or police department), or accomplishments of the walking club (perhaps you summit the highest peaks in your state or country).

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A group of people hiking up a peak.

Incorporating these elements into a walking team name can help it be more meaningful.

Depending on what kind of walking team you are forming—a serious, health-related walking team planning on walking for fitness or disease reduction, a race walking team for competitive events, a fun relay team for a one-off walking event, or a team for a specific charity event—you may want a walking team name with some gravitas or more of a funny walking team name.

You might want the walking team name to incorporate something about the specific event, charity, or uniting feature or characteristics of the walkers on the team.

For example, if you’re forming a team of walkers who are cancer survivors who are walking in a charity walk to support a cancer foundation, you might want to highlight that you are all survivors in your team name. For example, you might do a name like Walking Warriors or Conquering Kilometers for Cancer.

If you are doing a walk for heart disease, you might want to include something about the cardiovascular benefits of walking in your walking team name, like Hearts and Soles, Pumping Hearts, and Pumping Legs.

Let’s take a look at our long list of walking team names to spark your creativity.

A group of people hiking.

Ideas for Fun Walking Team Names

Here are over 150 ideas for funny walking team names and catchy team names for walks:

  • Walkaholics
  • Sole Striders; Heart and Sole Trainers; Sole Sisters
  • JabberWalkies
  • Walking Shoesters; Gumshoes
  • Walking Talkies; Walk It Talk It; Walkers and Talkers
  • Pedominators; Pedometer People
  • Steady Steppers; Sporty Steppers; Sporty Striders
  • 10,000 Steps a Day; 10,000 Steps a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Wild Walkers; Wacky Walkers; Wistful Walkers; Working Walkers
  • Walking, Walking, Talking, Talking
  • Running Our Mouths, Walking Our Feet
  • Walking On a Dream
  • We Walk the Line
  • Walkers Unite
  • These Sneaks’ Are Made For Walking
  • Site Seers
A group of people at a breast cancer charity walk.
  • Touring Our Own City
  • Walk the Day
  • Step Counters
  • Spry Striders; Spry Steppers
  • Tough Trekkers; Techie Trekkers
  • Walk On; Walk It Out; Walk On Through
  • Walkathoners
  • You Can Find Us Walking
  • And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
  • Ambitious Amblers
  • Trail Trampers; Trail Trotters; Hearty Hikers
  • Treadmill Treaders
  • Naughty Nordic Walkers; Nerdy Nordic Walkers
  • Start Striding
  • Sneakers Not Heels
  • FitBitches (play on FitBit); FitBitters; FitBit Fanatics
People walking at a charity event.
  • Every Step Counts
  • Gait Keepers
  • Lunch Break Walking Club
  • Steps Before Sunrise; Sunset Striders; In Steppers
  • Walkers Texas Ranger
  • Walk This; Walkmen
  • Red Hot Chili Steppers
  • Sneaker Sisters
  • Hot Steppers
  • Miles and Smiles; Laughing for Miles
  • Footprints of BelAire
  • Footprinters
  • Walking On Sunshine
  • Insteption; Asockolypse Now
  • Game of Strollers; Game of Sole; Stroller Strollers (moms pushing babies walking teams); Stroller Striders; Stroller Sisters; Stroller Steppers; Step and Stroll
  • Scrambled Legs
Walking teams at a charity event, fist-bumping.
  • Trekkies; Trekkers; Tireless Trekkers; Intrepid Trekkers; Intrepidly Trekking
  • Walking Dead
  • Walkabouts
  • Trek by Trek
  • Trail Travelers; Trail Trippers; Trail Trekkers; Trail Trotters; Trail Mavins
  • Wanderers; Wild Wanderers; Walking Wanderers
  • Lost In Pace; Pacers; Proud Pacers; Powerful Pacers; Pace Setters
  • Night-Walkers
  • Walkers of Fame
  • Morning Milers
  • Trail Blazers
  • Path Plodders
  • One Foot At a Time
  • Jabberwalkies
  • Not Fast and Furious
A team photo at a charity event.
  • Walk Forrest Walk
  • Legs Miserables
  • The Holy Walkamolies
  • Agony of De Feet
  • Fit Feet; Fast Feet
  • Sporty Speed Walkers; Speedy Speed Walkers; Power Walkers; Powerful Power Walkers; Power Up Power Walkers; Empowering Power Walkers
  • Cirque De Sore Legs
  • Motley Shoes
  • Hill Walkers
  • Hard Walkers (play on hard workers)
  • Walkables 
  • Mileage Mavens
  • Heart and Solers
  • Dead Sea Strolls; Dead Sea Strollers; Strolling Along
  • Drop It Like It’s Trot
  • Fear and Strolling In Las Vegas 
A team with hands in.
  • My Feet Are My Only Carriage
  • Walk the Walk; Walking the Walk
  • The Stretchers
  • Blister Sisters; Ignorance Is Blisters
  • Baby Got Track
  • Pavement Princesses
  • The Summiters
  • Stride Rite
  • We Don’t Need a Lyft
  • Walking Club for Non-Runners
  • The Snails; The Sloths
  • Jolly Jaunters
  • Heart Beaters
  • Scenic Routers
  • Studly Stutters
  • Strutting Strutters
  • Ambling Amblers; Rambling Amblers
  • The Morning Club
  • The Kilometer Club
People walking over a bridge at night.

How to Come Up With Creative Walking Team Names

Ultimately, there’s no secret sauce to coming up with a good walking team name. An important first step is to think about what type of personality or vibe you want the walking team name to embody:

Do you want a humorous or funny walking team name?

If so, think about puns or word plays that involve words related to walking (walking, trekking, hiking, stepping, striding, strolling, etc.). 

See if you can come up with a way to change a movie title, song title, food, TV show, book, etc., to modify the title or normal word to use a walking-related term instead.

Do you want the name of your walking team or club to refer to the culture of your team? 

For example, are you all moms or dads that push strollers, or do you all meet and walk during your lunch break?

If so, you might want to come up with a fun walking team name that plays on this uniting quality.

Examples include Trekking Teachers or Teachers By Day, Walkers By Night, or Lunch Bunch Walking Club.

Walkers stopped, looking at the water.

If you are forming a relay team for a walking event or a group for a charity walk, you might want to incorporate some aspect of the race or location into your relay team name.

Incorporating your town or city name or the type of event you are training for (5k, a charity walk, a 24-hour walking marathon, etc.) can also be a good way to get a more unique walking team name that hasn’t already been taken.

Do you want your walking team name to have more of a serious tone?

If so, it can be good to think about the physical and mental health benefits of walking and incorporate those, or at least steer clear of puns and jokes related to walking. 

In general, the best team names for walkers are short, catchy, easy to remember, and either positive, focusing on the benefits of walking or the determined attributes of your walkers, or clearly making fun of yourself (maybe that you might not be runners but you do enjoy a good walk).

If you plan to design T-shirts or other gear for your walking team, having a short walking team name and one that could work well with some sort of cute or catchy logo is ideal. Think about character count and possible pictures or icons that you could use as your logo based on your potential team name.

What is the name of your walking club or team? How did you come up with it? What is the funniest walking team name you have seen or heard? Let us know!

If you would like to look at some of our ideas for running team names, check out our long list here.

A team with hands in.
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