Visualization For Runners: How To Visualize Your Running Success

The mental side of training is often overlooked – and in this guide, coach Cathal Logue shares how visualization can be an extremely effective mental strategy to improve your performance. According to Jessica Barr, Sports Psychologist for Sport Ireland, your mental game is sometimes the factor that helps differentiate the champions from the rest of … Read more

How to run 10k in 40 Minutes + Training Plan

The 10k distance is perhaps the most popular distance for a wide range of people involved in running. Many newbies to the sport see the distance as a natural stepping-stone to completing their first half marathon. Triathletes enjoy racing 10k races to give help them gauge their potential form in an Olympic distance race, and … Read more

How To Run a 5 Minute Mile

In this post, coach Cathal Logue explains the training, strategies, and pace necessary how to run a 5 minute mile. The mile is often considered the blue-ribbon event in athletics. The event has caught the imagination of track athletics fans ever since Roger Bannister ran 3.58.60 in Oxford, England on 6th May 1954, breaking the … Read more