Running Backwards: 5 Benefits of ‘Retro’ Running + 5 How To Tricks

We know what you’re thinking – but don’t worry, this article isn’t about encouraging you to run in 80’s fashion gear. Contrary to what the name suggests retro running is not running back in the day but rather the art of running backwards. Retro running can cover distances anything from a couple of meters on … Read more

6 Tips For Running A Marathon when Undertrained and Underprepared

Feeling undertrained and underprepared for an upcoming marathon? We’ve all been there. For most novice and amateur runners in the world, the lead-up to a race can be nerve-racking and full of doubt. If you’re panicking that you’re not ready for an impending marathon, and are looking for some tricks and tools last minute, then … Read more

How Long Is A Half Marathon? 4 Ways To Measure It

So how many miles is a half marathon, seems like an easy enough question. The official half marathon distance is 13.1094 miles or 21.0975 kilometers in length. This is how long any standard half marathon that you enter would (or should) be. (For a full marathon it is just double this, 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometers.) This … Read more

Running 7 Miles A Day: Benefits, Drawbacks, How To Do It

Running 7 miles a day is a mean feat! Running 7 miles a day is equal to running 49 miles or just under 79 (78.9) kilometres every week. This is a lot of miles. To put this into perspective, most 100k ultramarathon runners often don’t hit this mileage on their average weeks’ training. For the … Read more

How to Run A 9 Minute Mile: The Complete Training Guide

The average novice runner will complete a mile in around 12 minutes, so getting your mile time down to a 9-minute mile is a sure sign that you are becoming a strong and capable runner. It is around this time you will start to see some real improvements in your running. Maybe you are starting … Read more

Running Economy Explained: What It Is, 5 Workouts To Improve It

Running Economy is one of those terms that is often batted around by runners and coaches, perhaps without much understanding of what it means. At its heart, a runner’s Running Economy is a measure of how efficiently they run. Actually defining Running Economy – what it really is, and how to measure it, can be … Read more