How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon

Was Lance Armstrong on to something?

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In the realm of sports, where tradition and innovation often collide, a bold new initiative has emerged, challenging the very foundations of athletic competition. 

Led by Dr Aron D’Souza and backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, alongside a consortium of other investors, the Enhanced Games represent a radical departure from the established norms of fair play and integrity. 

This venture, self-dubbed as the “Olympics of the future,” boldly embraces the use of performance-enhancing drugs and cutting-edge medical technologies, sparking intense debates within the sporting community and beyond.

How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon 1

At the heart of the Enhanced Games lies a fundamental reimagining of what it means to compete at the highest level. 

Traditionally, the pursuit of athletic excellence has been synonymous with rigorous training, dedication, and adherence to strict anti-doping regulations. 

Athletes strive to push the limits of human potential within the confines of established rules, with drug testing serving as a crucial safeguard against unfair advantages. However, the Enhanced Games challenge this paradigm by advocating for a more permissive approach to performance enhancement.

Central to the ethos of the Enhanced Games is the belief that science should not be shackled by “antiquated” notions of purity and natural ability. 

Instead, proponents argue that athletes should have the freedom to leverage advancements in medical technology to enhance their performance safely. 

How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon 2

By embracing performance-enhancing substances under clinical supervision, the Enhanced Games aim to unlock new frontiers of human achievement while fostering a culture of innovation and exploration.

Critics of the Enhanced Games, however, raise valid concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of this approach. 

The use of performance-enhancing drugs, they argue, poses significant health hazards to athletes and undermines the principles of fair play and sportsmanship

Moreover, allowing certain competitors to gain an artificial edge through pharmacological means threatens to erode the integrity of athletic competition outside of the Enhanced Games and is a breeding ground for distrust among fans and fellow athletes alike.

Despite these objections, proponents of the Enhanced Games emphasize the stringent safety measures and ethical guidelines that will govern the competition. 

According to organizers of the Enhanced Games, athletes will undergo comprehensive medical screenings and receive clinical supervision to ensure their well-being and mitigate the potential risks associated with performance-enhancing substances. 

Moreover, the Enhanced Games says they aim to promote transparency and accountability by providing athletes with access to reliable information and support services.

How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon 3

Unlike the Olympic Games, the Enhance Games will only feature five sports: athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, combat, and strength.

The selection of these five disciplines came down to popularity and the sport’s core focus.

Enhanced Games used a list of active and retired events from the Summer Olympic Games and combined it with non-Olympic options that are in popular demand.

Next, they eliminated team sports to focus on individual performance and eliminated ball sports to focus on speed, strength, and endurance.

One of the most contentious aspects of the Enhanced Games is its compensation structure, which diverges significantly from traditional sporting models. 

While athletes in conventional sports often rely on sponsorships and prize money to support their careers, participants in the Enhanced Games will receive base salaries and bonuses for “record-breaking” achievements. 

The exact figures for salaries and prizes have not yet been announced but are expected to be released in mid-2024, according to Enhanced Games.

Their approach aims to provide financial stability and incentivize participation while reshaping the economics of professional athletics.

Enhanced Games says the Olympic Games generate by far the greatest revenue of any sporting event – to the tune of $7.6 billion every four years

However, these funds don’t make it down to the athletes whose shoulders the Olympics ultimately rest upon. Enhanced Games shares the results of a 2012 study by former Olympic athletes that found just 6 percent of the US Olympic Committee’s $795 million expense budget actually goes to athletes as cash payments.

How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon 4

Beyond its immediate implications for athletes and spectators, the Enhanced Games hold broader implications for the future of sports and society at large. 

The Enhance Games challenges established norms and embraces medical and scientific innovation, with the hopes of having people reconsider their assumptions about human potential and the role of science in shaping our lives. 

Undoubtedly, the Enhanced Games raises profound questions about the nature of competition, fairness, and the pursuit of excellence in an increasingly complex and interconnected world of sport.

The Enhanced Games prepare to make their debut on the global stage, with the first edition currently slated for 2025

Whether they represent a bold leap forward or a dangerous experiment remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the Enhanced Games have re-ignited an ongoing debate that continues to shape the future of athletics for years to come.

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