WATCH: Jared Campbell Risks His Barkley Marathons To Help Jasmin Paris Write History

Despite having something on the line, Campbell knew his small choice could make a big difference.

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Jared Campbell’s remarkable act of sportsmanship may have eased Jasmin Paris‘ historic finish at the Barkley Marathons.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons were the most historic edition in history. Paris became the first woman to conquer the infamous Barkley Marathons, a grueling ultra-marathon known as ‘The Race That Eats Its Young.’ With less than two minutes to spare within the daunting 60-hour limit, Paris completed the punishing 100-mile course.

Prior to Paris’ achievement, only 17 individuals—all men—had crossed the finish line of this brutal race. It’s a test of extreme physical and mental endurance, boasting elevation changes equivalent to scaling Mount Everest twice from sea level.

Paris, a mother of two, a small animal veterinarian, and a research scientist from Britain, had already made history by completing four of the five 20-mile loops earlier in the race—a feat no woman had accomplished before. However, one loop remained.

WATCH: Jared Campbell Risks His Barkley Marathons To Help Jasmin Paris Write History 1
Photo Credit: Howie Stern

Reaching the final loop is a rare feat, with only a handful of runners advancing each year, sometimes none at all. These runners alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise loops to avoid running together.

 While the clockwise route was slightly less challenging, only the first runner had the privilege of selecting it—this year, that was Ihor Verys, the eventual winner.

Campbell, an American with an unparalleled record at the Barkley, arrived at the inter-loop ‘camp’ with a nearly 10-minute lead over Paris. 

Aware that maintaining his lead would secure him the preferred clockwise route, Campbell demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship by seemingly offering Paris the choice, an act which may have been just what she needed to complete that historic fifth loop.

Rather than pitting themselves against each other, it’s a collective struggle against the unforgiving racecourse.

WATCH: Jared Campbell Risks His Barkley Marathons To Help Jasmin Paris Write History 2
Photo Credit: Howie Stern

Campbell took the more challenging direction despite having a record of his own on the line. At this year’s Barkley Marathons, Campbell was looking to secure a historic fourth finish, a number no other runner has ever achieved.

Campbell’s sacrifice, however, didn’t hinder him. He still managed to claim his fourth finish after completing the grueling 100 miles in 59:30:32.

Despite having something on the line himself, Campbell knew greater history was on the line for Paris and truly embodied the spirit of ultrarunning. They may have been competitors but, in the end, were all suffering together.

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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Jared Campbell Risks His Barkley Marathons To Help Jasmin Paris Write History”

  1. Can confirm Jared is a complete stand-up guy. I’ve run his Running Up For Air races (alongside him and his young daughter, I think!), seen him romping (blazing) around the Wasatch, passed him pacing someone on the Wasatch 100.

    Massive congratulations to Jasmine for the first female finish and to Jared for 4th overall! So exciting.

  2. I had never heard of the Barkley Marathon until a few days ago and am so vested in it now. What a remarkable show of sportsmanship. Something I honestly think is only something runners understand. So incredibly proud of Jasmin and Jared and so proud of all of those who finished. Respect!


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