Netflix To Release ‘Sprint’ Docuseries Ahead Of Olympic Games

The series features the world's top sprinters including Noah Lyles, Sha'Carri Richardson, and Shericka Jackson

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Netflix recently announced the release date of ‘Sprint,’ a sports documentary series spotlighting sprinters throughout their preparation, training, and competition.

Sprint‘ centers on the intense pressure of competing in a 10-second race under the watchful eyes of thousands. 

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This documentary-style series is set to debut in July, just ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Based on the streamer’s previous strategy, expect to see Sprint drop about a week ahead of the Games, which begin on July 24.

The series will feature athletes from the U.S., Jamaica, the U.K., the Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Italy, including Noah Lyles, Sha’Carri Richardson, and Shericka Jackson. The official cast list hasn’t yet been announced, but a survey of various athlete social media accounts suggests these athletes will headline:

Noah Lyles (US, 100m and 200m 2023 world champ)

Sha’Carri Richardson (US, 100m 2023 world champ)

Fred Kerley (US, 100m silver in Tokyo, 2022 100m world champ)

Shericka Jackson (Jamaica, multi-time medalist in both 100m and 200m)

Dina Asher Smith (UK, 2019 200m world champ)

Marie Jose Ta Lou (Ivory Coast, 2019 bronze 100m)

Christian Coleman (US, 2019 100m world champ)

Gabby Thomas (US, Tokyo silver 200m)

The inaugural season will capture the journey of these elite athletes as they prepare for and compete in the 2023 World Championships. Netflix has confirmed that there will be a six-episode run documenting last year’s action, with each running about 45 minutes. Producers are currently filming a four additional episodes that will reveal a behind-the-scenes look at these athletes as they prepare for this summer’s Paris Olympics. It’s unclear if Netflix plans on releasing all 10 episodes in one big drop, or if the first six shows will appear on the platform before the more Paris focused content is rolled out. Previous Netflix sports docuseries typically featured 10-episode seasons.

The Olympic Channel, which is owned by the IOC, is listed as a production partner, which could mean that Sprint could have full access to the Games, which is highly guarded intellectual property.

Lyles was recently featured in a documentary series that ran on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform, which will also owns the rights to broadcast the Olympics in the United States.

Netflix To Release 'Sprint' Docuseries Ahead Of Olympic Games 2

Sprint is produced by Box To Box Films, known for hits like Drive to Survive (Formula One), Break Point (pro tennis), and Full Swing (PGA). Olympic commentator and four-time Olympic medalist Ato Boldon will provide commentary for the series.

Drive to Survive is widely credited with triggering a boom in F1 within the U.S., with the third season being the most pivotal in driving awareness and viewership. The other series produced by Netflix had varying influence on each respective sport. Full Swing is now into its second season, but Break Point was cancelled after two seasons. Netflix hasn’t committed to Sprint beyond this coming Olympics.

The series is executive produced by Paul Martin, James Gay-Rees, and Warren Smith.

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