Expert Advice On How To Adjust Your Training Plan After Injury Or Illness

Most runners will attest that their best performances and biggest improvements have come after extended chunks of consistent training.  When you have long training blocks with no interruptions due to illness, injury, or otherwise, you can continually make gradual progress in the forward progression without losing any ground from time off. However, as much as … Read more

Runner’s Trots: 12 Tips To Avoid Unplanned Bathroom Breaks

Let’s just enter the confessional booth one at a time here. It’s happened to all of us: you’re blissfully running along enjoying your workout, or maybe even running a race, when it strikes. No, we aren’t referring to a second wind or burst of energy, or the elusive runner’s high. This is the uninvited guest—or, … Read more

9 Strategies To Master Your Race Day Mindset + Control Pre-Race Anxiety

You’ve done all your training and your workouts have gone well, but when it comes to race day, you feel like a nervous wreck. Suddenly, you’re doubting your abilities, feeling brand new niggles and pains, and wishing you hadn’t signed up for the race. You find yourself wanting to adjust your race day goals and … Read more

How Frequently Should You Take Energy Gels During Races?

If you’re building up to a marathon or an ultra, you’ve probably already sifted through plenty of guides telling you how to structure your diet during your training and in the hours leading up to your race. But what about diet during your race? How you refuel during a race is equally important for an … Read more

How To Run Negative Splits For A New PR

When it comes to race time, most runners aim to set a new personal record (PR). While PRs aren’t easy, there are ways to make them more attainable. Enter negative splits. If you are shooting for a particular time in a race, it’s important to have a pacing strategy. You need to figure out your … Read more

10 Tips To Avoid Unplanned Bathroom Breaks On Your Next Race

If you’re an ultra runner, you’ve been there. You’ve needed to take an emergency bathroom break during a race, and of course, when you need it, there’s no bathroom in sight.  Even if there were, it is the most uncomfortable feeling to need to use the bathroom during a race. The stomach cramps, the chills, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Cross Training For Runners

Cross training for runners is an essential part of a sustainable, healthy, strong, and injury-free running journey. By mixing up your training plan with other activities – be it strength training, yoga, or swimming – cross training is important for helping you level up your running and hit new PRs. But when done incorrectly, cross … Read more