The 4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

When you set your sights on a big “A Goal” race, you typically want to devote quite a few weeks—if not a few months—to training, particularly if it’s longer than 10K. However, sometimes, really exciting race opportunities come up, which can convince you to jump into a race at the last minute. For example, you … Read more

From 10K to Half Marathon: All You Need to Take the Leap

So, you’ve finished your most recent 10K race and are now ready to transition from a 10K to a half marathon. Congratulations! That takes guts. It takes stamina. And it requires a special kind of determination.  Taking this next step up will be a big challenge, but you’ll get incredible rewards when you cross the … Read more

How To Train For A Half Marathon: Everything You Need To Run 13.1 Miles

How to train for a half marathon is a huge topic—getting yourself ready to run those 13.1 miles (or 21.1 kilometers) requires discipline, enthusiasm, and a lot of work—but it’s also an extremely rewarding experience. We’re going to dive deep into every aspect of what you need to know about for your half marathon training … Read more

How To Train For A Half Marathon: 8 Expert Tips For First-Timers

During the running boom in the 1970s in the United States, the marathon distance was undoubtedly one of the most popular race distances, but now the 5k is the most popular race distance in the USA, followed closely by the half marathon. According to the International Institute of Sports Medicine, about 2.1 million people ran … Read more

5k To Half Marathon Training Plan + Guide To Start Training Today!

Although many runners step up from the 5k to the 10k, the next distance in the continuum of the most common race distances, plenty of ambitious runners want to make the even bigger leap all the way up to the half marathon. While going from the 5k to the half marathon is a big jump, … Read more

How To Run A Sub 90 Minute Half Marathon: Guide + Training Plan

Whether you’ve been at the running game for a while now or would be considered a relative newbie to the sport, running a half marathon has probably crossed your mind. The half marathon is a popular race distance, and many runners see it as the natural stepping stone in their quest to complete the full … Read more

Walking A Half Marathon: How To + Training Guide

So, you want to walk a half marathon? That’s a great goal! Walking a half marathon is a wonderful way to jumpstart your fitness, prepare your body for running (if that’s your goal), and feel accomplished.  While walking is less impactful on the body than running, it still requires training. Walking 13.1 miles or 21 … Read more

Run Walk Marathon Training Guide: Jeff Galloway Method Explained

In this article, I’ll introduce the run walk marathon training method, created in 1979 by Jeff Galloway. Since then, runners have been swearing by the method, saying they never could have reached their goals without it. Both beginners and experienced runners have benefited from this approach.   When some people hear the word ‘marathon,’ it … Read more