Here Are The 6 Hardest Marathons In The World For Your Bucket List

Every marathon is inherently difficult; covering 26.2 miles on foot will always be a tough physical and mental feat. While many runners are keen on running the fastest marathons in the world or flattest marathons in the world to nail a PR, others are looking for the hardest marathons in the world. But, what are … Read more

Here Are The 8 Best Marathons For Beginners In The US

Running your first marathon can be as daunting as it is exciting.  Even if you have been running for a while, bumping up from the half marathon to the marathon represents doubling your furthest race distance. Also, the logistics become significantly more challenging in terms of not only the time, energy, and endurance involved in … Read more

Here Are The 13 Best Fall Marathons In The US

Fall marathons are extremely popular because the mild temperatures allow for fast race times and often more predictable weather than spring marathons. Plus, if you run a fall marathon, you can do the bulk of your marathon training through the summer. Depending on where you live, although summer running can pose challenges due to the … Read more

Here’s How Much A Disruption In Your Training Will Affect Your Marathon Finish Time

Whether you come down with an injury, illness, or another sort of interruption in your ability to stay consistent with your marathon training, how much will a disruption in your training impact your marathon performance?  Can you take a couple of weeks off without losing much progress? Can you take several weeks off and still … Read more

The 11 Biggest Marathons In The US

If you are a beginner, it can be less intimidating to take on a small marathon, particularly in your local area.  Marathons with a smaller field size typically have easier logistics to navigate in terms of how to get to the marathon course, and the overall race atmosphere is usually less intense. Even more, experienced … Read more

The 11 Most Beautiful Marathons In The World: Prepare Your Bucket List

Choosing the best marathon to run is like picking a flavor of ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop. You can go with something super popular, a tried-and-true classic like vanilla or something more adventurous and unique sounding like coffee cookie crumble. There are so many choices, and while they may all look so good, … Read more