28 Funny Marathon Signs: The Best Running Race Sign Ideas

Whether it’s your first or your twentieth, everyone needs a pick-me-up, or two or three, when running a marathon. Whether you’ve hit the wall and are powering through or just chugging along at your planned pace, it’s never easy. Motivation and inspiration along the way can help a whole lot.  There’s nothing better than seeing … Read more

What’s The Ideal Marathon Runner Body?

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Average Marathon Times, sorted by demographics [+ Half Marathons]

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7 Bucket List Marathons, Chosen By Marathon Runners

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How Long Is A Marathon? 4 Methods of Measuring Marathon Length

How Long Is A Marathon – The Metric Answer The official, globally recognised marathon length is 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometers. That’s the standard, objective metric measurement. (and if you’re wondering How Long is a Half Marathon, the official half marathon length is 13.11 miles or 21.0975 kilometers). If you’ve just googled ‘How Long Is … Read more

Boston Marathon Guide: How To Qualify, Train, and Run the Route

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Why Is A Marathon 26.2 Miles Long? History Of Marathon Distance

Whether you’re in marathon training mode or simply curious about the history of the event, the answer to the question ‘Why Is A Marathon 26.2 Miles Long?’ is not as straightforward as it seems. For starters, the exact distance of a marathon is 26.2188 miles, or 42.195 kilometers. Not exactly a common distance, is it? … Read more