What are Cross Training Shoes + The 8 Best Cross Training Shoes In 2023

One of the best ways to achieve excellent all-around strength and fitness is through cross-training. Incorporating different types of exercise into your training schedule brings heaps of benefits, from enhancing your performance on the track, road, or trail, to adding variety to your routine and keeping you motivated. But when it comes to switching up … Read more

The 6 Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

One of the most common injuries to strike runners is Achilles tendonitis – and it’s a painful condition that can seriously derail your training. There’s a strong relationship between Achilles tendonitis and the type of running shoes you wear. Not only can the wrong shoes aggravate the condition and worsen your pain, but improper footwear … Read more

Here Are The 6 Best Hoka Shoes for Walking in 2023

Whether walking forms part of your workout routine or your workday is spent on your feet, wearing the right shoes is essential. It may not be a high-impact exercise like running, but regular walking still requires shoes that offer lightweight cushioning and adequate support. One of the best brands to turn to for high-quality fitness … Read more

The 8 Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees

Knee pain whilst running can have all sorts of causes, from tight muscles or an inadequate warmup to low arches or overuse. Sometimes, though, the cause can be as simple as wearing the wrong type of running shoes. Running in well-fitting, supportive shoes is important, whether you have an existing knee injury or are trying … Read more

Best Toe Running Shoes in 2023

Toe running shoes are foot-shaped shoes built to give the sensation of barefoot running whilst offering some protection against hazards. Also known as minimalist or barefoot shoes, they have a much wider toe box than you find in standard running shoes and little to no cushioning or support. Some even have a separate little pocket … Read more

The 9 Best Saucony Running Shoes In 2023

Whether you’re running for fun or training for a race, good running shoes are key to a great performance. Choosing the perfect pair means looking beyond aesthetics and seriously considering your comfort too. The right shoes can really enhance your run, improving your form and providing the support you need to prevent injury. No one … Read more

The 8 Best Minimalist and Barefoot Running Shoes for 2023

Barefoot running shoes are designed to provide the organic experience of running barefoot, but with the protection of a shoe. You’ll also hear them referred to as minimalist running shoes, a term that accurately describes their stripped-back style. The Italian company Vibram led the way in barefoot shoe design with the release of their toe … Read more

The Best Vegan Running Shoes 2023: Affordable and Sustainable

When it comes to diet, being vegan is pretty simple – no dairy, eggs, or meat. But what about when it comes to picking vegan running shoes? It might come as a surprise to many, but countless running shoes on the market aren’t suitable for vegans as they’re made from animal-derived material. From synthetic fabrics … Read more

The 8 Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

Trail running shoes are designed to help you tackle rough and rugged terrain in all kinds of weather. In addition to providing excellent traction, they should offer stability and support for a comfortable run on uneven trails. Finding the best women’s trail running shoes to fit your needs isn’t always easy. There are heaps of … Read more