Exploring Strava’s Year In Sport Report: A Look At The Worldwide Running Habits Of 2023

From the most popular shoes to running with our pets, Strava's report reveals all

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Strava, the world’s premier digital community for active individuals, has just unveiled its Year In Sport: The Trend Report, providing a unique perspective on global running and fitness trends. 

The report not only highlights the diverse behaviors and habits of active people but also sheds light on the distinct motivations, challenges, and interests that propel different generations, especially Generation Z, into an era of fitness and community-building.

To compile this report, Strava conducted a comprehensive global survey involving 6,990 active participants from its expansive community of over 120 million athletes. 

The survey, combined with 2023 activity data from the Strava platform, offers insights into the evolving landscape of exercise, hinting at what the running world could anticipate in the coming year.

Exploring Strava’s Year In Sport Report: A Look At The Worldwide Running Habits Of 2023 1

What’s Trending On Strava?

With 50 activity types to choose from, it was running, which saw the most uploads in 2023. 

Trail running, a separate activity from the general running activity, was ranked fourth for most uploads in 2023 and saw a 16% increase in the share of athletes who uploaded this type of activity compared to 2022.

The Strava report also shared the trendiest gear of the year.

The top overall running shoe of the year was the Hoka Clifton, followed closely by the Nike Pegasus.

Exploring Strava’s Year In Sport Report: A Look At The Worldwide Running Habits Of 2023 2

For women specifically, the Hoka Clifton still reigned supreme. However, it was the Brooks Ghost that was the second most popular shoe among women.

For men, the Nike Pegasus was able to edge the Hoka Clifton out of the top spot.

Compared to 2022, the Hoka Clifton and Asics Novablast were found to be among the fastest-growing shoes of 2023.

The top upload device among runners was the Garmin Forerunner 235.

Strava Made Us Social

Strava athletes spilled the beans on why they’re sweating it out together. The big winner? Social connections! 

Friends and family take the gold medal in motivation, leaving celebrities and influencers as motivation in the dust. Gen Z stood out as the social butterflies, flaunting their connection skills – 77% feel like they’re connecting with others when scrolling through Strava friend activities. 

Gen Z isn’t just about crushing workouts; they’re here for the party! They’re 29% more likely than Millennials to buddy up for a workout, showing that sweating together is their kind of bonding. 

However, the best training partner might be an unexpected friend.

76% of Strava athletes used their pets as motivation when they were finding it tough to get out the door. Who knew our furry friends would be fitness gurus?

Exploring Strava’s Year In Sport Report: A Look At The Worldwide Running Habits Of 2023 3

In the ever-changing world of running trends, Strava’s Year In Sport: The Trend Report provides valuable insights into the motivations that shape the habits of runners around the world. 

Generation Z, in particular, stands out for its social nature and performance-driven mindset.. 

As the running world looks ahead to 2024, it is evident that Strava will continue to play a pivotal role in fostering community, motivation, and connection for active individuals across generations. 

To explore the full report and discover the most popular places to hike, bike, and run around the world, visit Strava’s official report.

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