Brooks Ghost 14 Review

The Brooks Ghost 14 is the tried-and-true workhorse shoe that has time and time again proven to be one of the most reliable models on the market.

Now in its 14th season, the Brooks Ghost has once again found a way to improve its design by adding cushion and comfort to an already stellar shoe.

Something special about this model, in addition to the continued technology Brooks uses, is its carbon-neutral footprint.

In the Brooks Ghost 14 there is reduced manufacturing waste and each shoe is made out of at least 30% recycled materials in the upper.

Brooks has really gone above and beyond to keep their innovation alive while still providing a classic model that feels wonderful and works well.

Even better, this model is covered by Brooks’ RunHappy Promise, meaning you can try them out for 90 days before you decide whether they’re right for you – a testament Brooks’ confidence in their designs!

So, let’s begin with some shoe specs and then see what our testers had to say about the Brooks Ghost 14!

Soft yet responsive midsoleSlight drop-off at the big toe
Versatile fit suitable for most feetHeavier than the Ghost 13
Smooth transitions
Flexible upper
Molds to your feet for extra comfort
Brooks ghost 14 cover image diagram.

The Specs: Soft, Smooth, and Ready for Any Run

After 14 editions, they’ve got the fundamentals of this shoe down, with the Brooks Ghost 14 being one of the most consistent models available.

For this reason, this new model is pretty similar to its predecessors – however, there are some changes and improvements worth noting.

This model, like the 13, uses DNA loft foam which feels soft yet firm in all the right places. However, Brooks has now transitioned the Ghost to a 100% DNA loft midsole which is new in this version.

The DNA loft foam is soft but not too squishy which makes it feel great on easy days and for logging countless miles.

Other mild changes Brooks incorporated with the Ghost 14 are smoother transitions and an improved fit.

The smoother transition comes from the added segmented crash pad allowing for an easier toe-off at the end of each stride.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

Essentially, this keeps the rhythm of your foot strike and allows you to maintain a smooth cadence.

The improved fit is thanks to Brooks 3D fit, which makes for a roomier toe-box – more on this improvement later!

All in all, Brooks kept many features from the Ghost 13 in the Ghost 14, making the model change a small improvement on its predecessor.

One of the main features that remained is Brook’s traditional 12 mm drop height from heel to toe.

For many runners, this is a key part of why they keep coming back to this model – with a higher drop height distributing the impact over your knees and hips, rather than your ankles and Achilles.

The weight of the shoe is still average to others available and is not heavy or super lightweight. It comes in at about 9.9oz (280.7g) for Men’s and 9.0 oz (255.1g) for Women’s.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

Classic yet innovative features

Now onto the good stuff…

Brooks has always been innovative yet classic with its designs.

After over 100 years they have collected tons of data on runners and running strides which is why they are able to produce such high-quality engineered shoes.

In the Brooks Lab, testers are constantly exploring new materials and new designs to improve performance and comfort for runners.

With the Brooks Ghost range, they have created models that are constantly evolving and improving with new technology, yet remain reliable and consistent.

The DNA loft foam is the key feature of the Ghost 14, now being 100% of the way through the midsole. Prior models used a combination of foams, with the DNA loft used only through half of the mid-sole.

This addition makes the shoe lighter than before yet adds cushioning.

Inspired by the unique DNA of each of us, the DNA loft foam technology is designed to recognize and adjust to the unique stride of each individual.

Some people land more firmly and some softer, so the DNA loft foam is able to adapt to those pressure points, matching each shoe to the different needs of each person based on their gait pattern.

How is this helpful?

Well, this feature is beneficial because it offsets the joint reaction forces where you need them, rather than being an impersonal, ‘one-shape-fits-all and hope for the best’ type of shoe.

This leads us nicely into the 3D fit for the upper. It too molds to your foot, stretching and adapting to your foot shape. It doesn’t actually change shape, but it does have the flexibility to expand if needed.

The 3D fit also has more volume (greater space from the shoe-liner to the upper) than before, perfect for those of us with high arches or who need inserts/custom orthotics.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

The Ghost’s Fit is always just right

The Brooks Ghost 14 is versatile for foot shape just like the other models in the Ghost series.

It offers a pretty high volume in the midsection and has an adaptable mesh upper as mentioned before.

For as many shoes as there are on the market, this model fits the majority of people and is a really safe option for most beginner runners or walkers.

Personally, I have a high volume foot with a pretty wide base and this shoe fits in all the right places for me.

Likewise, others who have a narrow and lower profile foot have said the same, that this model fits their needs too.

The only criticism I can come up with is that some people still feel a drop-off at the big toe. This is not a super common complaint, but I have had people feel like they roll over the platform.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

Brooks also has heightened the supporting platform in the arch area making it ideal for someone with higher arches.

But, don’t count yourself out if you have flatter feet, the build-up is gentle and most people don’t notice it.

It is a modern-day classic and really fits just about anyone. You really can’t go wrong with the fit of this model!

The Outsole and Tread

The Brooks Ghost 14 has a really solid outsole that maintains a fantastic level of tread.

Many newer models on the market have decreased their tread to decrease weight but Brooks has kept theirs pretty thick so it still grips the ground.

The grippy feeling does not impact the smooth transition you feel but does keep you from slipping on wet greenways or icy patches.

Despite boasting Brooks Carbon Neutral design, this model does not skimp on durability, with the sole of the Brooks Ghost 14 being a prime example of that.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

The Review:

I must say the Brooks Ghost model has been in my lineup for a long time, but the 14th version has by far been one of my favorites.

Despite being pretty identical to the Ghost 13, it still has enough changes to make it feel like an updated model.

The thing I like the most about the Brooks Ghost is that it is a safe option for the masses yet still offers an individualized fit.

I really like that Brooks only improves upon elements that need to be changed. Rather than trying to bring customers in with flashy new technology and aesthetics, they stick to consistency and functionality.

For this version, the key feature they changed was the cushioning, adding more and using a slightly lighter foam.

Something I found to be really special about the Brooks Ghost 14 is their focus on decreasing the carbon footprint in shoe production.

Brooks designers took recycled materials and used them to make the upper. That is so cool!

Most of us don’t realize it, but shoe waste is a huge deal. I mean, think about how many models you might run through in a year!

So personally, I really appreciate Brooks trying to reduce waste while also creating a product that continues to be high quality, durable, and reliable.

From beginner to veteran, if you’re logging miles anywhere from a 5k to a marathon this shoe is a fantastic way to start.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

That’s a wrap on the Brooks Ghost 14

Overall, the Brooks Ghost 14 continues to remain a dependable model for almost any runner, from beginner to veteran.

When our testers looked at previous Ghost models it was evident that Brooks truly takes the feedback to improve on their shoes.

Brooks truly invests their time into looking at the data and listening to customer feedback to keep what people love and improve on under-performing features.

Changes are typically mild to moderate from version to version which keeps their fan base pleased and coming back time and time again.

Yet, Brooks also continuously tried to improve when they can.

In this model, they updated foams like the DNA loft material and incorporated a more environmentally friendly upper to decrease their carbon footprint.

So, if you’re in need of a change and want something that is equally reliable, durable, and innovative consider the Brooks Ghost 14.

If you want to check out the Brooks Ghost 14 click here and if you need recommendations on other top 2022 running shoes check out our updated Best Half Marathon and Marathon Running Shoes of 2022.

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