Usain Bolt’s 100m World Record Becomes Longest-Standing, Surpassing Jim Hines

Despite being retired since 2017, Bolt is still accomplishing big things.


When you think of track and field, one of the most iconic people to come to mind is Usain Bolt.

Despite being retired since 2017, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist is still accomplishing big things in the world of track and field—maintaining the world record for the 100m sprint for the longest duration in the event’s history.

Bolt’s record-breaking time of 9.58 seconds, achieved during the final of the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin on August 16, 2009, has now held strong for 14 years, eight months, and 27 days. 

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This achievement surpasses the previous record set by American sprinter Jim Hines.

In June 1968, Hines made history by clocking a sub-10-second 100m, becoming the first to break the 10-second barrier in the event. Hines, renowned for his double duty on the track and as a football player, held the world record from 1968 until 1982.

The Progression Of The Sub-10 100m

9.58Usain Bolt🇯🇲JAM16 AUG 2009
9.69Usain Bolt🇯🇲JAM26 AUG 2008
9.72Usain Bolt🇯🇲JAM31 MAY 2008
9.74Asafa Powell🇯🇲JAM09 SEP 2007
9.77Asafa Powell🇯🇲JAM18 AUG 2006
9.77Asafa Powell🇯🇲JAM11 JUN 2006
9.77Asafa Powell🇯🇲JAM14 JUN 2005
9.79Maurice Greene🇺🇸USA16 JUN 1999
9.84Donovan Bailey🇨🇦CAN27 JUL 1996
9.85Leroy Burrell🇺🇸USA06 JUL 1994
9.86Carl Lewis🇺🇸USA25 AUG 1991
9.90Leroy Burrell🇺🇸USA14 JUN 1991
9.92Carl Lewis🇺🇸USA24 SEP 1988
9.93Carl Lewis🇺🇸USA30 AUG 1987
9.93Calvin Smith🇺🇸USA03 JUL 1983
9.95Jim Hines🇺🇸USA14 OCT 1968
How fast can Usain Bolt run

Despite being retired from professional track and field for the last seven years, Bolt remains confident in the strength of his records. In a December interview, Bolt expressed his lack of concern about his records in the 100m and 200m sprints being surpassed any time soon.

“It’s a great title to have,” Bolt said in an interview with World Athletics. “It’s something that I enjoy hearing and I enjoy knowing.”

Bolt’s supremacy in the 100m dates back to May 2008, when he initially set the world record. He subsequently broke it twice more in August 2008 and exactly a year later in Berlin, where he achieved his historic time of 9.58 seconds.

Now aged 37, Usain Bolt continues to be hailed as the fastest man ever. His remarkable speed and charismatic personality have made him an icon of the sport.

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